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Tunnels and Trolls

Chance is sitting down on a pew next to the Abbott. Grey, Fisher, and all but one of the goons head down the mountain. The remaining goon primes the explosives. The Abbott doesn't seem to like where this is going, but Chance is pretty optimistic, saying that he's gotten rid of all but one goon.

Winston shows up and points a gun at the goon. The goon says that cops don't shoot people. Then he goes for his own gun and Winston shoots him, saying "I'm retired." But he has time to start the timer just before dying. Ticking clock! Chance runs off after Fisher and tells Winston to defuse it. But Winston's never done that. Apparently Chance was thinking of these times Guerrero did it. So Winston calls him up. Red Wire or Blue Wire? Guerrero says "Red", but then backs off. <

Chance gets to the top of the mountain. The gondola full of goons is partway down. Chance runs into a big room full of machinery and finds a chain.

Guerrero flips a coin on the theory that if he can't actually see the detonator he can't really make an informed decision. Winston gives up on him and cuts a wire at random. It seems to work. Winston and Guerrero make a note for next time: it was the blue wire. Worth remembering! Oh, and the timer was at exactly 0:01, of course.

Chance ziplines down the gondola wire, busting through the window and beating up goons with both hands. One goon lets out a Wilhelm Scream as he's knocked out the open door. Fisher almost pushes Chance out, and a gun goes off as they struggle. Gray and a goon fight. Gray's goon gets shot in the leg and slides out, pulling Gray with him. Then that goon falls to his death in the back-from-commercial blipvert, leaving Gray holding on to the floor and his legs dangling out of the gondola. Chance grabs his arms, which gives Fisher the opportunity to get his gun. Fisher orders Chance to bring Gray up slowly. Gray and Chance do a complicated move where Gray grabs a gun from the floor and shoots Fisher. So now Fisher's dead, and Chance pulls Gray into the car.

Later! Somewhere! The Abbott hugs Gray and shakes Chance's hand. He thinks he'll see Chance again. I hope he does, because he was fun.

Still later! Somewhere else! Gray and Emily hug. Gray has turned himself in, and Winston thinks he'll only get a year. What about all those people that got killed in the course of his criminal career? Never mind about them, that's what! And Chance has Pope Clement's ring. Winston is disgusted by how useless it is as a payment. Shouldn't it be at least "extremely valuable"? They might not have the magic box it opens, but it's still a priceless artifact.

Chance tells Gray that minimum security is easy, and that he'll be fine. Winston's voiceover kicks in again, saying "He's never gotten over Katherine". It turns out that he's talking into the microcassette recorder that created the tape from the safe. It's nice that the voiceover turned out to be justified within the story.

Guerrero hands over the contents of the file to the mysterious stranger. The stranger won't tell Guerrero who he's working for, so Guerrero shoots him in the back. Blam! They have a brief conversation about how Guerrero can't protect Chance forever and that Chance can't walk away. Then he shoots the guy in the head. Bang! Much better.

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Human Target




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