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(Mine) Shaft's Big Score

Down in the shaft, Chance is carrying an acetylene tank, which Jessica thinks is weird. They're both coughing a lot as Chance puts the tank by a wall. They hide and he shoots the tank. KABOOM! AGAIN! Using some of the same exterior footage, incidentally.

The goons find this second explosion odd, and the head goon sends someone to watch the shaft where they probably came out. Chance and Jessica escape into the air, jump wildly off a cliff... and land about five feet down. On the back of a dump truck. It's not exactly a dump truck, I guess. It's a big truck thing, anyway. Some kind of gigantic mining vehicle.

Chance and Jessica start their escape, driving whatever that is. Goons in SUVs fire automatic weapons at them. They fight on and around the truck, with Chance climbing out to trade engage them in fisticuffs.. Lots of bullets are fired, hitting no one. A tank of something does get punctured. Chance and a goon have a fistfight pretty much on the front bumper of the truck, although there's plenty of room to stand up and punch each other in the face. It's still pretty cool. Chance and Jessica jump off and Chance shoots the truck with a flare gun. It explodes, presumably killing three or four goons. Jessica doesn't seem to mind. A plane shows up, and we're presumably almost done here.

A corporate guy enters his limo, where Winston informs him that he knows he's Jason Banneker, CEO of Agrius Industries. Winston has all the information and the threats. The company's going to be destroyed and Banneker's going to a minimum security prison. Unless Winston puts him away for conspiracy to murder Jessica Shaw, in which case he's going to a real prison where bad things happen. Unless Banneker promises to A) leave Jessica alone, and B) write Winston an enormous check. Ah, blackmail. It's fun when it's the good guys, right? Banneker asks who to make it out to, and Winston cocks his head.

Firm offices. Carmine (the dog) chases a tennis ball, which vexes Winston. Jessica shows up (there's no security on the front door? Seriously?) and announces that she's off to Dakar. Chance recommends a bistro he knows and gives her Banneker's check for $387,092.69. "Just some travel money. So you can keep pushing your boulder uphill." She's now totally in love with him. Mission accomplished!

Watch the episode here, discuss it in our forums, then see which five '80s shows it reminds us of!

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Human Target




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