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The Princess is in Another Castle

To absurdly inspiring music, Chance exits a helicopter and gets into a car on a nondescript waterfront area. Then we're done with the waterfront, so I don't know why I brought it up. The next thing you know, Chance is getting out of the car at a New York hotel, severely disappointing some paparazzi. He's welcomed by a very familiar-looking gentleman who I had to look up on IMDB. It's Erick Avari, a.k.a. Old Man Suresh from Heroes! [He was also on Castlethis week! - Z] Although here he's named Gerard, so I guess I should call him that instead. So "Gerard" leads him inside the hotel and into the kitchen, where he can give Chance his cover and explain the scene. It's very detailed and doesn't end up mattering much. The important part is that some woman is going to a party at a museum and they can't trust anyone on the security detail.

One elevator ride later, Chance is checked out by British security goons in suits. He and Gerard go up a staircase while Gerard recommends formality. Then he introduces him to the client: "Her Royal Highness Victoria, Princess of Wales." Big time! She shakes his hand, which demonstrates that she's one of these modern princesses who doesn't always play by the rules. She's a loose cannon! Chance runs down the plot that they're trying to foil: As she's being driven to a party at a museum to meet "the queen, your husband prince what's-his-name, and the rest of the gang," the motorcade is going to be stopped and her security will give her up and she'll be assassinated. We see this all happen in hypothetical footage. Except, of course, that Chance is here now. And why is all this happening? Because Victoria is in love with someone named Tony, who is not her husband. And Prince Walter doesn't want to be publicly embarrassed, so he's involved the royal family's sleazy fixer, a man named Templeton. I shall pretend that this is a reference to Templeton "Faceman" Peck, the A-Team's fixer. Or possibly Templeton the Rat. Anyway, the queen doesn't know anything about all this. Victoria asks Chance if he thinks she's crazy to throw it all away for love. Chance asks how she knows she's in love, and she smiles while trying to think of what to say. "Right answer."

The plan is for Chance to ride in the car and take it over and drive her to the safe house. Meanwhile, Gerard will find the proof of conspiracy. Chance assures Victoria that his "best men" are picking Tony up to protect him.

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Human Target




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