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The Princess is in Another Castle

They hop in an ambulance with the injured goon. Guerrero's driving. He has no need for a GPS. The goon has a change of heart now that Tony's stabilized him and points to a shelf in the ambulance. There's a packet of letters there, which are Tony's letters to Victoria. Peculiar!

Connor's got a bug on the royal security detail, but there's nothing particularly incriminating, since they seem to just be talking about a legitimate stalker. Lothario knocks from outside, but it's the secret Danger Knock, so Connor knows to prepare for trouble. Goons bust in, and Chance and Connor make short work of them, although the surveillance equipment is busted. Then Connor shoots each of the downed goons in the head. Daaaaaaang.

Chance and Winston check in and decide that the plan was to use Tony's ambulance to stop the motorcade, shoot Victoria, then Tony, and make Tony look like a stalker. They'll need the packet of letters and the recording Connor made in order to demonstrate proof of the plot. And now there are police sirens outside the pub. It's time for everyone to get to the queen. Chance thanks Connor and apologizes for the mess. Connor doesn't seem that bothered about it. I guess he'll just dispose of these four or five dead goons (and the dead Lothario) in the 30 seconds before the cops get there.

Party. Museum. A rope descends from the ceiling in a room full of dusty exhibits. Chance drops down. Victoria is stuck, because she claims to hate heights. Unfortunately, they tripped a silent alarm, so Templeton knows they're there. Someone goes off to get the queen out of there. The princess will not get out of here alive! As Victoria reaches the floor, Nathan and a goon squad enter. Gunfight at the Museum! And the princess has a sword! Clang! Whoosh! Chop! Mace! Spear! Crash! Trip! Splat! Chop! Crunch! Look out for that thing!

Sooooo Chance and Victoria have killed another handful of goons and busted up various historical artifacts. Just another day at the office.

Chance and Victoria walk into the party. Templeton tells someone that there's a credible threat against the queen. As she's being rushed out, Victoria gets her attention. Tony comes in with Winston. Tony punches Walter. Victoria kisses Tony. Winston explains to the Queen that Walter and Templeton were going to kill her. The two pieces of evidence are shown, and Templeton is led off. The queen is appalled by all this misbehavior and asks if Victoria plans on abdicating, but she says she isn't going without a fight. The queen sensibly tables this discussion for another time, but she's also kind of curious about who this handsome, square-jawed gentleman is. Victoria introduces him: "Christopher Chance, Her Majesty the Queen." Just remember this scene if we keep up the "No one knows who he is!" angle.

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Human Target




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