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All The King's Houses

House and Wilson hang in House's office. House has given up one-handed juggling in favor of the more cripple-friendly yo-yo. Wilson says there's no way Cuddy could have diagnosed the psittacosis earlier than she did. House agrees, at least, that Cuddy couldn't have diagnosed it earlier, possibly implying that he could have, and screwed up. House looks out the window and notes that it's raining. He really is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes.

And now, the episode-ending music montage, courtesy of Damien Rice's "Delicate." If you read the lyrics to that song, it really, really implies that Cuddy and House have a secret relationship. House sadly looks out the window. Alfredo sadly looks at his badly CGIed arm stump. Cuddy's roof sadly leaks. Cuddy sadly puts a pot down to catch the water, then takes a sip of tea from a red mug that bears a striking resemblance to the one House uses. I'm just saying. Anyway, Cuddy may be wearing a pink thong underneath, but her nightgown totally came from the same store that sold her that Puritanware blouse. Guilt makes you button up to below the chin.

And now, I shall have a month off while baseball happens. I love this show, but I'm really looking forward to the longest amount of time away from it since I started recapping it. I hope that, when we return, Cuddy will be on as much as she was here but won't be such a sap; Stacy won't be on at all; Foreman's blackness won't be such a freaking issue; and Cameron and Chase will have personalities. Wilson, too, honestly. See you then!

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