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Groundhog Date

We're at Tanya's again and she says that Jemma has a bruised heart and men have let her down. Ray's all, "Women have let me down." Tanya reminds him that he's NOT the customer. She tells him that he should have followed her. But, he might not have a chance because she hasn't called back. Ray doesn't really care, but Tanya says they don't have another client lined up and Jemma pays really well. Ray VO's, "That was the thing about Jemma. She paid great." Hmm, from what part of the future is he telling us that? [Isn't she paying in advance for each of these do-overs? - Zach]

Jessica and the twins are moving down the line of some suburban mall cafeteria. The twins are bitching about it and Jessica tries to make is sound great. She says that she prefers imitation crab to the real thing. Ronnie asks if anything's wrong and Jessica says that there isn't. They sit down and Ronnie explains that he's not made of money anymore. Jessica tries to blow it off, but Darby wants clarification. "So, you're not rich anymore?" He says that he isn't. He lost a lot of money in the stock market. Jessica insists that they're still rich, just not as rich. But, there's the issue of the car....

At Ray's, he VO's that it's not like he wanted to compete with Jessica and Ronnie, but he has some extra money. We see him grilling steaks inside the burnt out cabin. The twins tell him that Ronnie isn't buying them a car anymore. Damon suggests to Darby that she doesn't need one because Hammer can drive her around and she snaps back that she doesn't understand what his problem with Hammer is. Ray VO's that this news made him feel bold. He says that, perhaps, he'll be buying the car for them.

Next, Ray is frantically pacing on his lawn and talking to Tanya. He says that they need to up their game. He says that, if Jemma doesn't like her next consultation, he'll do it for free. We see Mrs. Koontz staring at him from her balcony. Tanya replies that she is not sure Ray can make Jemma happy, because she's highly complex. Ray explains that he needs to be able to buy his kids a car now, so he'll handle all the complexities.

Tanya is serving Lyric Bread in cookie form to the people from her get-rich class. She calls them Preacher Cookies and is derived from an idea that, if a preacher knocks at your door unexpectedly, you could cook these up in a few minutes. Or, you could turn off the TV and act like you weren't home. She has put a piece of Psalm in each cookie, in an effort to target the church demographic. Floyd thanks Tanya for hosting the final class at her home and asks if anyone else would like to show their prototype. No takers. He then asks everyone if they would like to sign up now for part two of the class. Again, no takers.

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