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Cut Out The Middle Man/Whore/Pimp
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Ray is heard giving a speech about how your circumstances can change, even if you were a loser in the past. We see material evidence of his loserdom in the form of his burnt-out house and tent in his backyard, all being drenched by a hearty Detroit rain. Then, we see that he's giving the speech to his basketball players during a game.

Flash to Ray meeting Jemma in a parking lot. He asks her what they're doing, but she tells him to not worry about it. He confesses to being nervous, and she tells him not to be. Next, we see them sitting in a therapist's office. She talks to him as if he's her partner. She calls him Jim and rails at him for what he "did." He nervously tells her that something about her must be a turn-off. She asks if she's a turn-off at that moment and he says that she isn't. She stomps out of the room. She meets him in the parking lot, emotionless, and gives him payment.

Later, at school, he tells Tanya that Jemma called him the night before and booked the session he just had with her at the doctor's office. Tanya says that she's not supposed to book directly with him. There's a protocol. She says that she's going to have a talk with Tanya, but he tells her that it's fine. She points out that, since he showed up at her house, now she's calling him late at night. He says that Jemma's having a hard time and seems to have hired Ray to help her through stuff. He doesn't want Tanya to call her.

Jessica is brushing her hair at her dressing table and Ronnie asks her if she's dehydrated, which Jessica takes as a "dermatology put-down." He says that water is also good for depression, which she might be susceptible to since Doris was put to sleep. Jessica says that she would prefer to talk about money. She wants to know if they have any. Ronnie says he lost 30 or 40 percent of his stock holdings. Jessica wants numbers -- how much do they have. He says that he doesn't know, but, if she wants to help, she could make a list of potential household cutbacks or get a job. She seems shocked by that last part.

Tanya waits in the fancy lobby of an office building as a security guard eyeballs her. Jemma walks in talking to a colleague and Tanya approaches her. She asks her why she's there, and Tanya says that she left Jemma a voice message. Her Blackberry is glued to her hand, so you know she got it. She interrupts "Terry" and asks her what she wants. Tanya delicately explains that there are certain systems that are in place to make sure the trains arrive on time -- she shouldn't call Ray. Jemma asks her what is keeping her from calling Ray directly and not dealing with Tanya. Wow, people on this show turn crazy on a dime, don't they? Tanya replies that she would stop Jemma, because it's her service. Jemma brushes her off and walks away, and Tanya follows her and tells her that she is not to call Ray, thus revealing that Randall's name is actually Ray. Tanya says, "There is no Ray!" Then, as Jemma gets into an elevator, Tanya tells her that she is fired as a client. She says that she's had it with women like Jemma.

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