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Cut Out The Middle Man/Whore/Pimp

At Ray's house, workers are repairing the walls (but still not the roof) while Ray looks over used car ads with Damon and Darby. Darby sniffs at the '89 Mustang that Ray focused on, then gets a phone call. After she steps away, Damon says that Darby only cares about "fat ass" Hammer. Ray tells him that he should take it easy on Darby. Perhaps she sees something special in Hammer. Damon is flummoxed. Ray explains that people are like onions -- they have many layers. Under each layer, you could find something unexpected. Damon speaks for all of us and says that you actually only find more onion under each layer of onion.

Tanya arrives at Ray's. She speaks in Spanish to one of the contractors, which is brilliant. He looks at her like she's an asshole. Ray seems surprised to see her. He reluctantly introduces her to Damon and she remarks that there's not much resemblance. Ray takes her aside and admonishes her for visiting unannounced. Poor Tanya, nobody's excited to see her. He says that the kids are going to think she's his girlfriend now, which she dismisses as juvenile. She says that she has booked Molly for early that Saturday, after which he can come to her house and watch Netflix. He snaps that he has a life -- there's a basketball game that Saturday. Fine then, she'll reschedule it for Friday. He says that Jemma wants Friday and she tells him that she fired Jemma. He freaks out, and she says that she will fix it. Then, she leaves.

Jessica and her mother are going through Ronnie's things to find out if he's rich or not. Her mother finds credit card bills, which she believes is evidence that he's rich. She says that Ronnie treats Jessica like a pet, but she points out that he takes care of both of them. She finds a financial statement that shows that Ronnie recently lost $800,000. Her mother concedes that it looks like Ronnie isn't lying.

Tanya leaves a message for Jemma telling her that her "membership" is still valid, though she has to follow their rules. Meanwhile, Ray is at dinner with Jemma. She didn't call Tanya back and says that she's a trip. She asks his real name. She says that he can make one up and she wouldn't know better, but he says his name is Ray. She asks for more information and he tells her that he's going to charge her double. He finally says that he's a basketball coach and she says that she wants to see him at work. Poor Tanya is watching an old movie by herself.

We're at the game, and the team is losing badly. Ray is distracted, and his assistant tells him to get his head in the game (favorite track from HSM). Outside the gym, Tanya is buying a ticket for the game (along with a commemorative button), and Damon sees her. He seems a little freaked out and asks her if she comes to the games often. She explains that she was watching a movie at home and felt that she should be around humans. He cracks that there are humans there, and she says he's funny. Jessica and Darby walk up, and Damon introduces Tanya. Damon invites her to sit with them.

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