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The team is in timeout when Ray sees Tanya and his family in the stands. Jessica and Tanya talk and Jessica says that she used to be the head cheerleader. She came to the game tonight because she's an adult and wanted to get out of the house. Now there's some fiery wifely rebellion if I've ever seen it. "Oh yeah! Well, I'm going to a high school basketball game!" Can this marriage be saved? Of course, her attendance might be a form of her recapturing her former life. She asks Tanya how she knows Ray, and Tanya says that it's complicated.

There's another huddle of the players, and Ray sees Jemma walk in. He VO's that he wanted to win while she watched. So, he gives the players the speech we heard at the beginning. It's a rousing speech about how they need to give everything they've got. He says that the score doesn't matter if they play with their hearts. Then, the guys go out there and start playing. Ray gets heated on the sidelines and even gets into a screaming match with the ref. The game is tied with 4 seconds on the clock when one of Ray's players is fouled. He misses the first foul shot, but looks back at Ray before taking the second. Fortified, he makes the shot. They win! Ray walks to the stands and grabs Jemma and kisses her. (That could get him in trouble with the school, maybe?) Tanya and Co. see this display.

Afterwards, Tanya is skulking out of the gym when Ray stops her. She admonishes him for giving Jemma so much information about his life. She points out that he could go to jail for hooking. He says that he trusts Jemma, and she snorts and walks away.

Later, Ray stands alone in the gym as the lights are turned off. He meets Jemma in the hall, where she is looking at a trophy case where his past is well-documented. He asks her if she would like to "go steady." Like, for free. She says that wouldn't be as much fun. He doesn't reply, but takes her hand and leads her out the door.

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