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Is That a Business Plan In Your Pocket?

The next day, Ray drives by the venue where a bunch of Goth kids are waiting in line. He finds Damon in the line and calls out for him. Damon seems kind of embarrassed and asks Ray what he wants. Ray is all upbeat and notes that Damon got a good place in line. He pulls the 50 he got from his cancellation and gives it to Damon. He says that he doesn't need it because he got money from Ronnie, but Ray says that he should use Ronnie's money for something else. "This is for Godhead." He takes the money and rejoins his friends. Ray VO's that, though it may sound strange, he felt good for the first time in years. As the screen fades to black, we hear the soul classic "Am I A Good Man" by Them Two. That question might get harder to answer.

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