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Don’t Want No Short Short Escort

Molly giggles with anticipation and says she can't believe the things to which Lenore introduces her. On this note, Tanya asks her if Lenore mentioned the price. She didn't, but she did tell Molly that she should pay beforehand. I wonder why -- maybe she knows that Tanya will have smartened up by this point. Or maybe, she's looking out for her? That would be kinda rad. Tanya says that it's $300 upfront and that's a 50% first-time discount that she only gives to Lenore's friends. Molly asks when she should get that to her and Tanya suggests... now. She even points to an ATM in the restaurant (chances are she scoped it out earlier) and tells her that it has a very reasonable surcharge. Awesome.

Ray is showing Jessica the damage to his house. She asks him how he keeps from shooting himself. He tells her that he's just trudging along. He's putting up a roof beam that weekend. She thanks him for showing the place to her. No worries, he replies, and he hopes that now her problems will stop. Yeah, Jessica has been having nightmares about the fire. She talks about how ridiculous that is when it wasn't all of herpossessions that got burnt in the fire. She doesn't even have anything there! She doesn't even mention how it's sad for Ray that his stuff did, in fact, get lost in the fire. She says that she wants to fly Darby to Newark the next night, to cheer her up with a performance of Mamma Mia!. Darby is upset about problems that she is having with Hammer and thinks she needs to be with her mother. The next night is technically Ray's night to spend with Darby and he argues that she might need him as much as she needs Jessica, but she persists. She finds a nutcracker doll in a box and says that it's hers, so something of hers WAS in the fire. She takes the doll and leaves.

Later, Ray is working on his roof and thinking about how, after 20 years of marriage, Jessica misses the nutcracker. Mrs. Koontz gets out of her car and stares hard at Ray. He just wonders why she's looking at him. It starts to rain, so he gets into the tent. The next morning, Tanya shows up and wakes him. She gets into the tent and asks him if he's still working with her. He answers that he can't deal with her right now and his voice is scratch. Tanya tells him that, not to be negative, but living in the elements is how people get pneumonia and die. He says that he could live in the tent all winter if he needed to, but Tanya asks him to not be arrogant about his health. A man his age needs heat. He's about to delve into the age comment when she tells him that she booked two appointments for him. Molly is the next afternoon. Ray says that he's putting in his roof and doesn't have time for Molly. She tells him that these appointments pre-paid and could become regulars. She hands him some cash and suggests that he postpone the roof project.

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