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Don’t Want No Short Short Escort

Next we see Ray, he's with Molly again. He apologizes for leaving before -- he thinks he had a 24-hour flu. Molly laughs and says that he husband had the flu too. She wondered if maybe he had a problem with her, but Ray laughs off the notion as he's taking off his shirt. He says that he had been looking forward to being with her. Suddenly, Molly seems nervous. She asks what's next. He takes the wine glass out of her hands and slowly touches her around the neck. Suddenly, she sighs and sits on the bed. It's her husband. He wants to have sex with her every morning at 6 AM, because he has high testosterone and if he doesn't do it every day, he might cheat on her (so says he). The thing is, he's not good at it. He's got a small dick. She doesn't know how to tell him no. AND, every time she thinks of intercourse, she sees her husband's face, so she can't do this. She thinks he should go. He starts to pick up his things, then gets an idea. What if they just relaxed? He sits beside her on the bed. He points out that she was interested enough to get him there twice and it might be her first time with an escort. Ray's NOT going to quit on Molly. Thanks, Floyd! Ray tells Molly that he's a professional and, while she may have a hard time saying no to her husband, she will not have a hard time saying yes to him. He takes his shirt off. She says that it would make her happy to take a look at his penis. He pulls down his pants and she's amazed. She says that she has changed her mind. "You're nothing like my husband, are you?" He replies that they probably don't have much in common. Then, they kiss.

Ray is calling Tanya from outside the hotel room. He tells her that his meeting with Molly went well and Tanya's thrilled. She tells him he's a god and he says that she's not the first person to say that to him tonight, if she gets his drift. She says that she was about to shoot herself for fear that she was going to be in that stupid office forever with pictures of everyone's stupid kids -- he hangs up on her. He stops and takes a look at himself in the mirror as he lists all of his titles, ending with gigolo. He tears the tag off of his suit. He's in this shit now! He's feeling proud now. He VO's that he's an excellent gigolo, nay a enthusiastic fucking fantastic fucker. Then, we see Ray walk into his second appointment of the evening.

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