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The next day, Tanya meets Ray at the park where he's playing basketball. He asks Tanya if she wants to play one-on-one and she tells him that she's uncoordinated. She asks him if he doesn't have someone else he could play with and he reminds her that he was married with kids for half of his life -- he really didn't have the time for friends. Then, he asks her for some lady advice. About Jemma. Tanya freaks out and throws his basketball at him. She calms down and Ray says that Jemma is being weird. Tanya says that she has no idea what's going on with her. Ray stops playing and takes off his shirt to change, which catches Tanya's eye. Then, she shows him the ad for the Happiness Consultants that she's going to but in the Detroit Examiner. This time, she's going to put a phone number with the smiley face. However, first, she needs to know if Ray is really on board with their business. She says that she is getting through her writer's block, she thinks she might be in a positive relationship, and she wants to be taken seriously by Ray. She says that she tries really hard to be a good pimp, but he doesn't show respect for her side of their business. She wants to know if he's ready to work his ass off and become a part of her winning team. He doesn't answer.

We can assume he becomes a part of the team, because next we see Tanya vacuuming her place. We see the ad has been placed in the paper and her cell phone is sitting beside it. It rings and she turns off the vacuum cleaner, but it stops ringing. She starts vacuuming again and it rings again. This time, it's for real, but she trips over the vacuum and falls on the floor. She gets to phone and answers it, breathless. The caller asks what the business is. Tanya esoterically explains that it's a service to make women feel "better." The woman asks for more information and Tanya says they should probably meet to discuss it. The woman asks why she would meet Tanya when she doesn't even know what she does. Then, she calls her "T-Brain." It's Lenore!! Tanya asks why she was calling and Lenore said she was curious. She also says that Tanya's pitch needs work -- why is she putting the ad in the Lifestyles section when it should be with the sex ads? Tanya says that she doesn't think that the sex ads are "classy" and Lenore says that's her problem -- she over-thinks things. If people want sex, they're going to look in the sex ads. Tanya is getting pissed. She says that she has a complex marketing strategy. Lenore tells her to fuck her marketing strategy. She is a beginner, so she should recruit people she knows. Tanya says that she's doing that, but Lenore says that she's not, otherwise she would have heard about it. She asks her if she has approached "Horny Patty." Tanya doesn't know who she's talking about and Lenore's like, "Horny Patty! From Wanger & Fitch!" Oh, Lenore means Patty the proofreader. Yes, Horny Patty. We see a flashback of Lenore and Tanya from the days when they worked together. At the desk next to Tanya's is a woman who appears to be masturbating. And moaning. Back in the present, Tanya says that Patty was just concentrating. "Yeah, concentrating on getting fucked." She says that even losers like Patty need to get laid. Lenore says that she sees Patty in the mall sometimes and she always looks so horny. Tanya asks what that even means. She says that she hates the way Lenore talks. She's so judgmental. She says that she will focus on her own business and Lenore can worry about hers. Then, she hangs up.

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