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At Tanya's place, Pierce is rifling through her fridge. She calls him into the bedroom as she takes off her top. He asks if she has a Red Bull. She says that she doesn't but she does not how to get him up. Nice one, Tanya. Then, he asks her if she realizes that she only has vegetables in her fridge. Huh? This guy is as crunchy as my poodles' flaxseed and free-range chicken livers treats. He's really surprised by a fridge full of veggies? She says that she is trying to be a vegetarian. Clear that the mood is broken, she puts her top back on. As he's coming to the bedroom, Pierce says that he tried to be a vegetarian, but realized that, if fish was good enough for Jesus Christ, it was good enough for him. He asks her what she wanted to show him and she stammers. "My bed." He looks above her bed and sees something she wrote there. "I can tell it's you by the touch of your hair." He says that he's going to think about that all the way home. He has to leave because he's going to help his dad patch his driveway in the morning. Tanya says that it's weird that she doesn't know anything about him. He says that he can ask her anything he wants tomorrow. She seems confused as he leaves.

Ray is getting drunk at a bar when a guy asks him if he used to be Ray Drecker. He doesn't answer. The guy is drunk too. He says that he's back in town and his name is Cliff. The guy laughs and says that he has hated Ray since 1981. Ray says that he has too, but the guy stops him. This isn't Ray's night, it's his night. He's going to get his revenge. Next, we see the two on a baseball field, in the pouring rain. Cliff is on the pitcher's mound, throwing to Ray. Ray hits pitch after pitch, only saying,"Contact!" afterwards. Cliff says that he was a senior when Ray was a freshman. A freshman wasn't supposed to hit a home run off of a senior. He recalls that he pitched to Ray at the bottom of the ninth, with two on base and two outs. He says that he should have walked Ray but he wanted to strike him out. He keeps saying "Fuck you!" before each pitch, but it's fairly amiable. He says that he should have thrown the ball at Ray's head. Then, he says that he sort of loved Ray in a fucked up way. He followed him in every game that he played. Ray only says, "Contact." This is like the only proper scene in this entire episode.

Ray gets back to his tent and Tanya is waiting for him there. Ray must have driven drunk. Great. Tanya says that she's sorry about Jemma. She wanted to hurt Ray, which she didn't fully gather until Jemma paid her. She swears on her "mother's lack of love" that she didn't know of Jemma's intentions earlier. She told Tanya that it wasn't about Ray. She wanted to break up with someone who cared. What a nice little bow this story gets tied into. Ray silently grabs a beer from a chest and lies down with it. He asks how much money was paid. $2000. Tanya says that she never liked Jemma and he deserves better. He offers her a beer and she giggles and takes it. He drunkenly tells Tanya that she's the only friend he's got. Then, he tries to pass out. Tanya says that he has to get out of his wet clothes and proceeds to undress him. She gets a sweatshirt on him and he grabs her and kisses her. She stops him and makes him lie down. She asks aloud why men only want to sleep with her when they're drunk. That's so sad. After he's all tucked in, Tanya asks him why he never called her after their first night together -- other than for the fact that he thinks she comes too much. He says that he thinks she comes perfectly and she shakes her head. He rephrases. "I think you come just right." He said that with a lot of feeling. Tanya exhales and says, "Thanks." She says good night to an already passed out Ray and continues to drink her beer.

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