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Meet Galu
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Foa Foa returns to camp and Mick checks in with Li'l Russell to make sure he's okay after voting Ben out. Why wouldn't he be? He voted for Ben just like everyone else. Li'l Russell says he's sad to have to go back on his word to Ben and vote for him, but he had no choice after what he said at Tribal Council. Accordingly to the Previouslies, Probst also believes this is how it went down, but I call bullshit. Li'l Russell planned to vote for Ben before Tribal Council even began. He said as much in an interview. Meanwhile, Jaison reminds us that Ben is either racist or ignorant and an asshole either way, then complains that he's cold, hungry, and tired and thinks coming on this show was "the worst decision [he has] made in [his] entire life." Ha! I agree. He went to Stanford for undergrad and the University of Chicago for law school. He doesn't need this show. But he was in Cosmopolitan magazine as Mr. California or whatever, so he got cast without auditioning or probably ever watching the show. You know, like Marcus back in Gabon. You'd think the casting people could at least switch up the magazines they recruit from, but no. The next morning, Jaison is still not having a great time and tells Li'l Russell so. Li'l Russell and his stupid walking stick run right over to an interview and say that Jaison isn't much of a man because he probably would have quit the game if Ben wasn't voted out last night. Now he wants Jaison to go out next, and assures us that what he wants is what the tribe does. Except for last night, when they did what Jaison wanted.

Let's head over to Galu so they can get their weekly three minutes of camera time. Shambo sulks around camp, hating her tribe more than ever after being around Foa Foa where "there was a huge appreciation for Shambo." Do not refer to yourself in the third person, Shambo. Oh, what am I even saying? Of all the things Shambo shouldn't do, that is pretty low on the list. Number 1 is probably go near the fishing equipment and number 2 is speak. She tells her tribemates about how amazing Foa Foa's camp is, with its pristine beaches and racist assholes. She didn't say that last part, but she seems to think that it's much more fun to be around someone like Ben than the people of Galu. Maybe if she wasn't white, she'd feel differently. Shambo claims in an interview that she has a "following" at Foa Foa, so if she can last until the merge, she'll be in a good position. Not if there's no one left at Foa Foa to merge with. Also, a "following," Shambo? Really? You aren't Jesus. There's really no reason why this woman's self esteem should be this high. I don't get it.

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