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I Am The Table

Nancy's in bed when the workers come busting in to continue renovating the bathroom. Shane, wearing contractor head gear, puts a cup of coffee in her very sleepy hand and immediately starts asking for her opinions on some samples. "Bubblicious or Ribbon Field? I like Bubblicious, but it's on backorder, and Ribbon Field fell off a truck so there may not be enough..." Shane swears he just wants to give her options, and she reminds him he's the contractor, not the designer. She reminds him he's gotta go to school and he says he's a corrupt contractor now, but she reminds him he's their family's one shot at legitimacy: "You're going to grow up and become a doctor, a lawyer, or a business executive." Heh.

Downstairs, Cesar is looking for Nancy on behalf of Esteban. Shane, of course, thinks he's the copper pipe guy, and doesn't want her getting in the middle of things. Cesar tells her it's time to visit Esteban, and she pulls her Nancy shit, irritating him. "I have to take my kid to school, and then I have work. So maybe later on this afternoon? ...No?" She takes her coffee upstairs and dresses up all nice.

They pull up outside Shane's school on the first day in the Mexican-plated limousine. Shane's not happy. "Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you," Cesar tells him. Shane is not comforted. "Some people are victims because they allow themselves to be." Nancy -- an expert in this phenomenon, and about to get her PhD -- agrees with Cesar, and gives Shane $10 in case he's still hungry after eating the bear. "Can't I do drug things with you guys?" Neither Nancy nor Cesar responds to this, and he leaves. "He's going to get his ass kicked," Cesar says, and Nancy notes dispassionately that he's used to it.

Celia's alarm has been going for awhile when Isabelle finally comes in to wake her up. Celia goes from zero to sixty and grabs her daughter by the throat: "Motherfucker!" Jail reflexes are working great there, Celia. Isabelle reminds her that the hotel suites they're living in aren't exactly on the bus route, to dress in clothes like a person, take a shower, give her $10 for lunch, and do her enrollment paperwork. Isabelle! Your mommy's a drug addict! The one upside is that you don't have to do any of these things! "Hand Mommy her pills," Celia says, and Isabelle suggests a breakfast bar instead. Celia makes a ludicrous childish whiny-face and lies back down. "Maybe I'll walk," Isabelle says as Celia washes down a handful of Xanbar with some random bedside water. "Good girl!" Celia says, and passes right out again.

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