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Hoopz and Megan share some patio time. Megan wants to find out whether or not Hoopz is going to kick her off tomorrow. Megan dons her infuriating shit-eating grin and doesn't move her lips at all while asking if she is safe. Hoopz doesn't really answer. In the confessional, Hoopz rolls her eyes at Megan thinking that her offer to save her was perennial. It wasn't. Megan presents her case for getting rid of Pumkin and Hoopz barely listens. In the communal closet, Whiteboy tries to talk to Hoopz before elimination, but their relationship is scarred. She doesn't have anything to say to him.

It's Elimination Time! In the wildest turn of events yet, Megan is actually wearing a dress. A full-on proper dress. Oh my god. She must have gotten the care package I sent her. Exciting! Hoopz and Craig walk out of the Casa. Whiteboy, Pumkin, and Megan await judgment. Pumkin thinks she is safe because she and Hoopz have known each other for so long. Megan thinks she is safe because Pumkin doesn't deserve to be there. And she's a bitch. Heh. Craig asks Hoopz to choose who gets their check back first. Hoopz pretends to think about it. She recites her speech, which sounds like a bad game of "Twenty Questions": This person is a threat, she's strong, she's determined, but she hasn't gone back on her word, she has a lot of bikinis, and a man's torso. Ooh ooh, is it Megan? That's right, it is Megan! Megan is safe for another round. Now it's down to Pumkin and Whiteboy. Craig reminds Hoopz how high the stakes are now. In the confessional, Real tells us that he doesn't know who she will choose. He has never seen her like this before. Hoopz calls Whiteboy up. He interviews that he thinks this is it for him. He can see it in her eyes. Rather he can't see it in her eyes because she won't make eye contact with him. He is doomed. Commercials!

In the confessional Hoopz pretends that she doesn't know what she is going to do. She and Whiteboy have been tight, but he hurt her feelings and shook their alliance. She and Pumkin are friends. They have history. Whatever will she do? Hoopz tells Whiteboy that they were cool. But he hurt her. He called her a stranger today. A stranger! Who can recover from such an insult? Whiteboy looks nervous. Hoopz doesn't prolong his torture. She calls out, "Pumkin! You got to go babe." Pumkin sort of shrugs. Hoopz hands Whiteboy his check. She knows it was all a big misunderstanding. They are good. They hug. All that drama? Just fishcakes. Pumkin is going home. Hoopz tells Pumkin that she is sending her home because she went against the alliance and got rid of Chance. Hoopz and Pumkin then get into an argument over the semantics and etymology of revenge. It's very meta.

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I Love Money




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