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So Long, Tosser

This week's team challenge stems from an incident in Flavor of Love when some sad sap contestant served Flav's Mom raw chicken. The raw chicken inspired this week's Raw Chicken Catapult, in which a raw chicken is catapulted through the air to be caught and then placed on a table. The teams are divided into Builders and Catchers. Builders must put the catapults together and launch the poor chickens. Catchers are, well, do you really need that explained? Mr. Boston confesses that despite the complete stupidity of the task, they are still planning on throwing the challenge. Pumkin tells us that she is grossed out by the chicken. Pumkin? I think that's the point. And how do you think the chicken feels? There it was, just strutting around the farmyard, and then wham! It ends up flying buck-naked through the air on a basic cable reality show surrounded by bleachy-haired tools. KFC would be a blessing compared to this.

Chance then jumps in to profess his incredible building skills. He builds stuff, lots of stuff. He's great at it. Megan volunteers to be a Builder with Mr. Boston and Chance, and for some reason Chance lets her. Megan is excited to have the opportunity to really throw the competition. At the sound of the buzzer the teams run to start building the rather complicated catapults. On the Gold Team, Pumpkin, Toastee and 12 Pack make quick work of theirs. The Green Team with its two traitors is having a much more difficult time. Megan is more or less standing in one spot, while Mr. Boston does nothing more than walk in circles and ask to see the plans again. Needless to say Chance is going crazy and screaming a lot. Whiteboy is on the sideline (I guess he's a catcher, hee!) flitting between jumping up and down in his seat and hanging his head in horror. Boston tells the camera that he is thrilled to get back at Chance for all the times he's been mean to him. The Gold Team gets their catapult built and all the catchers run out into the field to catch the first chicken. The sight of a golden chicken flying through the air is pretty amusing. Not so amusing is Rodeo's leathery face. Good God, girl, moisturize! Gold Team has one chicken to Green Team's zero.

Gold Team throws and catches a second chicken and then a third. The Green Team finally finishes their catapult. 12 Pack narrates the action: "We got to keep catching chicken. We got to catch chickens!" Man, if catching chickens is the only thing you're worried about, you haven't been paying enough attention to the health records of your fellow cast members. In rapid succession, the Green Team pitches and catches several chickens. The Gold Team starts to get a bit nervous. Then tragedy strikes: Gold Chicken Number Four arcs gracefully through the air and smacks into Rodeo's face. It probably thought it was his mommy. Rodeo informs us that it felt like three hundred pounds, but her skin is so tough that the 300-pound chicken carcass bounced off of it like a toddler on a moon bounce.

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