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So Long, Tosser

12 Pack is in a pickle. His whole team wants him to vote Destiney off, but he has a long-standing alliance with her. Two whole weeks at least! He doesn't want to go back on it, but doesn't want to piss off his team (more). Destiney tells the camera that if she gets sent home tonight then she'll know that 12 Pack was just playing her. But who cares, 'cause you'll be at home. What will you do, sit around the campfire at Burning Man telling tales of how 12 Pack played you? Regaling cashiers at the 7-11 of your big set up? Boring your kids with the saga? Good grief. At the dismissal ceremony, our intrepid host asks 12 Pack if these were the three people he expected to see on the chopping block. 12 Pack plays it cool and bullshits some theory about voting out the weakest link. Brandi calls him out and announces that there was a conspiracy to oust Whiteboy. Boston won't back her up for some reason. Megan denies all knowledge. Brandi finally berates Mr. Boston until he confirms that he, Megan, Brandi, and Destiney all threw the challenge in the hopes of getting rid of Whiteboy.

Chance is shocked (shocked!) his whole team hates him. Whiteboy grabs a soapbox and starts preaching about how the Gold Team bamboozled the weaker members of the Green Team in an attempt to get rid of their strongest players. He doesn't blame the Gold Team for their strategery, but he is pissed at the suckers on his team. Boston and Brandi then get in a verbal bitch match wherein he calls her a porn star a bunch and she calls him a liar with a wittle dick. Much to the delight of Heather, Boston points out that he wasn't erect while in the shower with her so she can't judge. Oh the horror.

12 Pack gives the first check to Destiney explaining that he doesn't think she is the strongest member of the team at all. He says it a few times so everyone knows he is serious. He does not think she is the strongest member of the team, got it? Brandi is convinced she is going home, but the one thing she is pinning her hopes to is that 12 Pack will realize that Mr. Boston is a total dillweed. 12 Pack can tell by the state of Mr. Boston's check that he went into the Vault fighting. 12 Pack then gives the check to Brandi because he considers her the weakest link. He tells the camera that Brandi C. is an idiot and the only reason he kept her around is because she is useless. Big win for Brandi C! Boston Just. Can't. Believe. It. He feels betrayed by 12 Pack, and he's going back to L.A. to hang out with his real friends. At the thought of his real friends, he tears up and walks off into the sunset. So long, Mr. Boston. May this be the end of your reality show hijinx.

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