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Toastee's Real Destiny

On the Power Outing, the minivan drops Brandi, Destiney, Toastee, and Real out in the woods with only a matchstick, a Bowie knife, and each other. Or that's what it seems like from their reaction to being dropped at a trailhead 50 feet from the beach. Fifty feet people, think your livers can make it? They are going snorkeling, which does not lend itself to talking out the issues, but sure looks like fun! Except for Destiney who is too sad. They don their masks, snorkels, and life preservers and gawkily walk to the water. Real spots a shark, soldiers up, and dog paddles back to shore in doubletime. Entertainingly, he doesn't tell the girls about the sharks. I guess soldiers know good strategy when it bites their little toes. He then gets a splinter and complains about it a lot, which does not seem very soldiery at all. Seriously, Real, if Brandi C. is mocking your splinter you know you should shut it.

During their champagne lunch of mystery items wrapped in foil (Burrito? Sandwich? MRE?), Real tries to justify why he should stay. Destiney points out the obvious fact that if Toastee really wants to do her team a favor, she should get rid of Real. She also reminds Toastee of the fact that she owes her one. Toastee elects to take five minutes in heaven with Real so he can further explain why Toastee should keep him instead of Destiney. His entire argument consists of the fact that she will need him and the girls are scheming. Oh, Toastee, are you really going to fall for that? It doesn't even make sense! And wasn't it just last week that you demanded 12 Pack get rid of the strongest player regardless of personal feeling? That wouldn't be a double standard would it? Oh Toastee, I guess that third "e" you lost stood for "ethics"?

Back at the Skank Ranch, The Entertainer pulls Toastee aside to try and convince her that Real should stay because she will need him and the girls are schemers. Just kidding! He reminds her that Destiney had her back during the first round and she should make a big bold move and actually live up to her word. Toastee tells the confession cam that she could make the biggest move ever and send Real home. She calls a team meeting. She can't figure out why she should send Destiney home when she has no power and Real does. 12 Pack, Heather, and The Entertainer agree with that assessment of the situation and say she should send Real home because it is their first chance to get rid of the Stallionaire alliance.

Hoopz cannot believe Toastee. She grabs Toastee by the ear and pulls her outside to remind her that she has an alliance with Real. She should stick to the plan. Pumkin can't believe Toastee is even considering sending Real home. She wants Destiney gone because she hates The Entertainer. I think that Pumkin's speech revealed a deep lack of understanding of the fundamentals of competition. But on this show I don't think it can hurt her. Anyway, Toastee has some thinking to do. I hope it doesn't hurt! Quick question: Where does Real buy his clothes? Those pants should have never been allowed across the border.

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