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Toastee's Real Destiny

As we head into the Elimination, Real (looking pimptastic in a red turtleneck, black blazer, fedora, and sunglasses at night) is feeling stupid for putting himself in The Box especially since he found out that Toastee and Destiney made an agreement during the first competition. Destiney still feels that Toastee should send Real home since he is the stronger player. She knows that if Toastee sends her home, it was entirely personal. Before Toastee gets to eliminate someone, Craig asks The Entertainer if he will go home if Destiney is eliminated. While The Entertainer thinks about it the viewing audience is treated to a montage of lip locks, smooches, and make-out sessions, as well as clips of his life in his parent's house. He opts to stay. He's going to win, because he needs the money.

The first person to stay is Brandi C. Toastee loves her! Loves! We cut to commercial as Real and Destiney's, um, destiny hangs in the balance. One KY, one AT&T, one Verizon, one eHarmony, and one P. Diddy ad later, we are back to the elimination. Toastee calls Destiney up to The Box. The Entertainer grins like Destiney won. Toastee preaches that she is doing what she thinks is best for her team. While she appreciates that Destiney and The Entertainer invited her into their alliance, she already had an alliance. An alliance with The Stallionaires! No one bothers to look shocked. Destiney's check is voided. Destiney looks sad and as Craig hands off her voided check she sagely points out that it is a dirty game. Craig agrees and Destiney walks away into the arms of The Entertainer. They kiss and promise to write or see each other in church. In Destiney's departure interview she explains that she just doesn't play dirty and that's why she is leaving. She's probably right. Toastee calls Real up to reclaim his check. She knows that he is a strong competitor, but she is glad that he has her back. She knows that he will repay the favor later. Toastee knows this isn't a team competition, right? Right?

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