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Sir, Can You Get This Man a Bucket?

The Entertainer moves their flirtation one step further and dares Destiney to help him beat New York and Flav's kissing record. Ever the coquette, Destiney chips in that he did say he was a good kisser. He affirms the he "has a magic tongue." Destiney swoons that The Entertainer is a good guy. She also tellingly notes that, duh, he's the Paymaster. You mean she's not in this for true love? No!

Over by the hedge, Boston and 12 Pack discuss who should stay and go. Megan lingers nearby showing off her tits and looking dumb. To my reckoning, she's thinking either, "Yay, strategery!" or "Whee! Retarded dogs and rainbows and lollipops! Lalalalalala." I tend to opt for the latter. Boston and 12 Pack decide that the hot chicks and Boston should stay, while the Stallionaires should go. They pound it out, and Megan stands by the wayside, pondering which of her bathing suits best shows off her front bum.

Boston leaves, and Megan starts flirting shamelessly with 12 Pack. He admits that she's hot (a 9.5 out of 10) because of her bangin' body and fake boobs. They exchange a hug, then she tries to get him to kiss her. All the while, The Entertainer watches from the pool. He calls Megan an untrustworthy troublemaker.

He leaves the pool (probably after peeing in it) to discuss his growing... um... crush on Destiney with Heat. He throws it out there that, even though Heat and Destiney have a thing (mutual STDs, for example), Heat shouldn't be upset if he sees The Entertainer kissing Destiney. The editors' zany comic sensibilities kick in as we see buzzards circling and hear a raging bull's snorts as Heat blows smoke from his nostrils. Heat is clearly and rightly miffed by The Entertainer's encroachment, but he squelches it for strategic reasons, summoning his best De Niro face to says it's okay. Then he bitches to everyone else about this stupid "love" triangle and how it could jeopardize his chances.

Elsewhere, Boston consults the great tactical minds of Megan and Brandi C. re: The Stallionaires. 12 Pack interrupts their conversation when he stumbles over and starts slurring up a seductive storm at Megan. Heather is watching all this with bitch face poised. 12 Pack says Heather trusts him and has no reason not to. Brandi C. responds that he's been cooped up too long -- for all of the 23 minutes that he's been flirting with Heather. Megan, for her part, sees this as a perfect opportunity to cause dissension in the ranks of the Gold Team.

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I Love Money




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