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Sir, Can You Get This Man a Bucket?

She scurries over to Heather to tattle that 12 Pack was hitting on her. Heather reminds us that she has trust issues after she tattooed a man's name on her neck and was shown the door. She is rightly concerned about looking like an a-hole again on national TV. And when you're feeling all kinds of paranoid and misty over a guy, what do you do? Consume lots of alcohol! She runs around, drinking and whispering to everyone who will listen about 12 Pack's deception.

Like a gay, stripping reverse-Romeo, 12 Pack, standing on the balcony above, overhears her spewing vitriol to The Entertainer and Destiney. She calls him out for making her look stupid, and he's all "Then don't trust me [ya crazy bitch]!" Having a lick of sense between them, The Entertainer and Destiney question Megan's motives in bringing this flirtation to Heather. He sees a chance to simultaneously reunite his team, demonstrate his diplomacy skillz, and show his teammates he's the best team captain ever. He issues a warning to Megan (and her little dog, too!) that their time is up.

The next day, Destiney and The Entertainer have an afterglow cuddle, which is soon cut off when the Green Team must visit The Vault. Mr. Boston predicts the worst -- that someone might leave this little meeting in a body bag. He delays the beatdown with some old-school corporate consensus build re: how they should nominate players for elimination.

To his credit, Chance mans up and says that the vote should start with him since he got them in this jam. Of course everyone besides Real and Whiteboy vote for him to go. Then it's Whiteboy's turn, and the same five players (everyone but the Stallionaires) vote for him. Chance sees this pattern and starts to question whether he is being voted out because he didn't participate or because there's a reverse alliance. Last time I checked, they weren't mutually exclusive, fella. He now says Heat, Megan, and either Destiney or Brandi C. should bounce. Whiteboy tries to take the reins and suggests Megan's ouster. He suspects The Entertainer will get rid of her since she's destructive for the Gold Team.

They're still at odds when CJ comes back and asks if there are any checks in the box. Since that's a big, fat no, he brings the Gold Team back and allows them to choose the three players on the chopping block. Despite team discussions to the contrary, The Entertainer chooses Megan first for personal reasons. Then he picks Heat, also for personal reasons, but adds that he might send Heat home if he finds out that he lied about his feelings (or lack thereof) for Destiney. Finally, he picks Mr. Boston. Everyone is flummoxed. 12 Pack wanted him to pick Whiteboy, but The Entertainer thinks Boston is playing dumb so he won't appear to be a threat. Now, however, his teammates are questioning his decisions as team captain more than ever.

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