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Sir, Can You Get This Man a Bucket?

Later that night, everyone's lined up for elimination. Boston gloats, "If The Entertainer were bright, he'd send me home," because of all his tricks and deceptions. As our paranoid Paymaster walks out to greet the condemned, Heat talks shit about Megan and her troublemaking. The Entertainer notes the Megan is wearing next-to-nothing.

CJ asks the endangered contestants who they would rather see go home. Boston gives Megan about 43 once-overs and says he'd rather see her stay around. Heat slurs that he wants Megan to go home. The Entertainer observes that Heat is sloshed and takes this as proof that he still has feelings for Destiney. I'd say it's more proof that he on this show, but that's just me. Megan says she wants Boston to stay because he's "growing on her." Because he is required to by contract, Boston whips out an obligatory erection double entendre. The other teammates laugh way too hard to express their amusement-cum-shock. If they didn't see that one coming a mile away, then they're dumber than I give them credit for. Boston claims "The Boston Charm" is creeping up on Megan (like a spider or a tick, right?). I'm guessing it has about the same effect time as a roofie.

For his first choice, The Entertainer invites Boston to stay. He bought into Boston's sick shtick. Boston VOs that it was no surprise. I'm sure it's also no surprise to Megan and Heat that they're left to duke it out for second-crappiest player in a field of astoundingly crappy players. Megan knows why she might go home, saying it's not the smartest decision and -- turns out! -- The Entertainer's not the smartest guy. Heat gets more personal, saying he deserves the money and his family needs it.

As Megan's and Heat's tits await the verdict, The Entertainer VOs his reasons for not trusting either of them. Next he gives a check to Heat. Douchebag-going-to-the-club music thumps in the background as Heat strides up in (get this) American flag shorts. I think that's a voiding offense right there. Brandi C. brings out the look I like to refer to as "blow-up doll caught by surprise" when she subtracts realizes her blonde bimbo doppelganger is "VOID" (of brains, personality... you name it!).

But wait! The Entertainer was just pulling our chains. He summoned Heat to give him the boot. The Entertainer explains that he couldn't take the awkwardness. The Entertainer smirks the twist of fate that he was dumped by his girlfriend and sent packing by his girlfriend's new boyfriend all in one day. Whiteboy takes a bit of credit for sending Heat home, implying that he can use The Entertainer's emotional side against him later. Heat gives a pretty useless and forlorn exit interview. He looks pretty stunned, and I think the saddest part is that he really buys into this whole franchise. Like, his dreams were just crushed. As if, in his mind, he was King Arthur, Destiney his Guinevere, and The Entertainer Lancelot. Or maybe he's just sad that he's going back to the real world where humping for air time doesn't exist and not every girl is a stone-cold slut.

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