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Back at Las Casa des Skeeze, Megan makes a run for Pumkin to remind her that they have, not just an alliance, but THE Alliance. Megan then confesses to the camera that she isn't sure that Pumkin will stand by the alliance since it is new, she already has an alliance with The Stallionaires, and she is on the other team. Megan is really self-aware this episode! Maybe someone is spiking her margaritas with Valtrex? Megan corners Pumkin and restates Destiney's arguments about The Stallionaires. Namely, they won't protect her, they are strong players, and hos before bros, ho. Pumkin is not entirely convinced. She tells the cameras that Megan is a conniving bitch, but she just might have a point.

Brandi and Megan realize that they are in a lot of trouble. While Brandi eats yogurt, Megan reminds us again that she has an alliance with Pumkin, Toastee, and Brandi, but she doesn't know how strong it is. Screw the Valtrex, this show needs a steady dose of Adderall. We know about your stupid alliances! You just told us ten seconds ago! And ten seconds before that! Megan and Brandi try to figure out the inner workings of Pumkin's mind. Good luck with that! They don't know which of the boys will be joining them in The Box. They don't have to wait long before they are led into the Vault. The Stallionaires instantly vote both girls into the Box. Whiteboy knows that he is the number one target for everyone in the house and really doesn't want to go in The Box. It takes a good five minutes of debate before Chance soldiers up and risks getting voted home. Megan thinks Pumkin will be too scared to send Chance away because it will make her a target for the other two Stallionaires. Megan thinks she is going home. Whiteboy thinks she is too.

As the most lackluster threesome this house has ever seen prepares for their Power Outing, The Entertainer, 12 Pack, and Heather realize that Pumkin is part of The Stallionaire alliance. They will be shocked if Pumkin sends Chance home. They also realize that if the Gold Team loses a challenge the three of them will be picked off one by one. And then the only people left will be in the Stallionaires alliance who have all sworn to never vote each other off ever. How would that work exactly? Whatever. I am totally convinced Brandi C. is going to win this entire thing because no one sends her home because they think she is harmless. Toastee and Pumkin discuss strategy while Pumkin does more damage to her hair. Seriously, airdrop that girl some VO5. They don't trust the whores (their words) but they know that they won't be able to win if they keep the strong players around. Toastee tries to convince Pumkin that it is time for one of the guys to get sent home. Um, Toastee? Are we watching the same show? Didn't you have the opportunity to send Real home just yesterday? Didn't you send Destiney home instead? Wasn't that you? The trouble with skanks is you just can't tell them apart.

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