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Smashing Pumkin

Back at the Casa, Chance, Whiteboy, Hoopz, and Toastee recap the Outing. Chance is freaking out. He calls Megan a bitch and a whole bunch of other names. While I'm not opposed to tossing around the b-word, and Megan certainly has worked hard for such a title, the way Chance talks about her reeks of a widespread misogyny that extends far beyond a mere hatred of Megan. It's icky. Hoopz is sure that one of the girls is going home because she has control over Toastee and Pumkin. They will do whatever she says. Hoopz knows Pumkin is going to pick Megan. Um, okay, Hoopz. Whatever you say. Whiteboy tells us that whatever strategy Pumkin is working, if it involves sending Chance home, "It's time to go smash some Pumkins." They then beat up a football and pretend it's Pumkin's head while Toastee laughs. What I said about Chance being a misogynist? It's not just Chance. I am starting to feel queasy whenever The Stallionaires pop up on screen. They are really, really repulsive individuals. And I really wish I didn't have to watch them anymore.

Does Megan own clothing? I'm guessing no, because once again she is sporting a bikini to an elimination ceremony. What I thought was merely a ruse to get 12 Pack and The Entertainer to spare her by showing her wares is really a cry for help. Someone organize a clothes drive quick! It's going to be winter soon. Megan and her boobs look nervous. She hopes she reached an agreement with Pumkin, but a verbal agreement between those two isn't worth the paper it's written on. Chance is feeling secure because he has an alliance with the majority of the Gold Team. Brandi is so used to being on the bottom three that she is practically bored with it. Whiteboy tells us again that since Pumkin is part of their alliance if she doesn't want to have everyone turn on her she had better keep her eyes off Chance. Maybe Pumkin wants to keep her eyes off Chance because he is a slackjawed troglodytic woman-hating DL jackass. Huh, Whiteboy? What do you have to say to that?

First to be saved from elimination is Brandi C. Totally proving my theory that she is going to take this entire competition by flying under the radar and acting like a meth-faced dingbat. Megan, Chance, and the editors take a few moments to remind us once again that Megan has an alliance with Pumkin but doesn't trust her to stick to it, and Chance has an alliance with Pumkin and is a total ass. Part of Pumkin wants Megan to go home because she is evil, but part of Pumkin wants Chance to go home because he is part of the strongest alliance. Pumkin calls Megan up and gives her an earful. She doesn't like her, hasn't liked her since day one. She hears her shrill voice calling out her saggy boobs over and over in her head. She uses her body to manipulate the men in the house, but it is not what is important right now. What is important is that Megan is staying.

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