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Smashing Pumkin

Pandemonium erupts. Hoopz asks, "What? What?" Over and over. Whiteboy stares at Pumkin like he is going to strangle her with his eyes. Chance handles his dismissal with his typical aplomb screaming, "I never liked you, bitch" and getting in her face, fake punching her, and screaming obscenities. He's a real charmer. In her interview, Pumkin is so empowered and excited, shouting, "I eliminated Chance! Me!" She looks really happy. But that happiness is short-lived since she is instantly pounced on from all sides by almost everyone. She tries to fight back by telling everyone to "play personally, not strategically." Everyone screams at her. Pumkin gets really upset. Real gets up and gets in her face, threatening, screaming and smashing his hand into his fist. Chance calls her a bee-yotch as he walks off. He shouts that no one will have her back, and calls her a dirty effing rat and a whole bunch of other words. Pumkin looks positively terrified. Craig just stands there. He looks a little scared too. Whiteboy stays in his seat with his head in his hands in shock and awe that his boy is gone. Real walks up to him, kisses him on the head, and tells him that it is on. Really. He kissed him. Maybe there is more to The Stallionaires and their so-called alliance than I realized. Whiteboy calmly addresses the camera with crazy eyes blazing. Real chimes in looking like a thug and acting like a wife beater claiming that Pumkin made an enemy for life. Whiteboy adds that his entire alliance is out for Pumkin. I hope Craig has moved into Casa Crabs, because as much drama as there was in The Vault, that drama has spilled out into the house. I'm a little scared for Pumkin. I'm a little proud too.

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