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It's Challenge Time! But before we can have some Challenge fun, we have to elect new team captains. The Gold Team quickly chooses Heather, who tells us that she is glad that the Stallionaire alliance is finally outnumbered on their team. The camera turns to Rodeo and Hoopz who are looking nervous. The Green Team takes longer to select a captain despite the fact that Megan is only one on the team who has not been captain yet. In typical bro style, Real thinks they need a man's touch on this challenge. Well, Real, when they need a pimp's touch, we'll be sure they call you. Megan pleads and promises that she will do whatever they want. Wisely they don't believe her. She pinkie swears. They still don't believe her. Then Real goes to get his Bible -- a Bible I can only assume the Gideons left, and not one Real brought with him to La Casa. I assume this because, if not, I would be bald from all the head-scratching. I mean, unless he was bringing the crab dip and a bottle of Patron, who would bring Jesus to this house party? Awkward! So Megan (and her little dog) swears on the Bible and she is named El Capitan. Rodeo moans to the Green Team that she and Hoopz are going to get sent into The Box. Considering the fact that she is an annoying, transsexual turncoat, she seems surprised by this possibility. She then corners Megan to tell her that she and Hoopz are going to throw the challenge and they will be put in The Box. She wants her to protect her. Megan, her boobies, and her little dog giggle. Let the Games begin!

This week's Challenge is called "Road Trip Drag." There are two wagons, a.k.a. "tour buses," with two riders and two pullers. The wagons have to be pulled around the town square, where they must make four pit stops representing four different cities/countries where the various Love shows landed. At each city or country, the teams have to take a world tour of international cuisine. They must eat every morsel of said cuisine before they can move on to the next city or country. Since the Gold Team has more members than the Green Team, team captain Heather has to choose who from her team will be sitting out the competition. Since Rodeo has to compete because she sat out last week's challenge, Heather makes sure that Hoopz is nowhere near the challenge. Hoopz points out that throwing the competition is now entirely up to Rodeo. Rodeo then points out that if you put anything in her mouth, she'll eat it. The Entertainer spittakes, "Really?" Um, The Entertainer? You want her to eatit? Whatever floats your boat, bro. I don't know if Rodeo's antics have simply been edited out of previous episodes, but she is really obnoxious. I hope all this attention on Rodeo is merely her swan song and not some editor's sick idea of a good time.

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