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As we return from commercial break, Hoopz and Rodeo are in limbo. Craig asks Megan to get a move on already. Megan calls Rodeo up. She tells Rodeo that she used to be scared of her, but after all the old lady tears and begging and leathery skin touching her and stuff, she's not scared of her any more. But, with all her sidewinding, backstabbing, and trash talking, she's not keeping her around either. Rodeo's check is voided. Hoopz thinks Rodeo's two-timing and double-talking bit her in the butt. Brandi C. thinks the fact that Hoopz is still around will bite them in the butt. But Megan is content to not have anyone too mad at her or actively out to get her. As Rodeo cries to the camera, she hopes that her time on this show will inspire people and remind them not to give up on anything (like sunblock or moisturizer or government-backed retirement plans). She loves her fan(s). After collecting her check, Hoopz goes and stands between the Green Team and the Gold Team. Craig asks her why she's standing there and Hoopz sulkily explains that she doesn't have a team. Craig says that's interesting, because from here on, no one will have a team. All challenges will be individual and everyone is on their own. Whiteboy is thrilled to be on his own and show off his mad skills at the fifty-yard dash. Real knows that only the strong will survive. Brandi C. is aware that she is lame. As Heather said, "Game on, bitches!"

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