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12 Pack and Toastee share a smoke and a secret meeting. 12 Pack tries to convince her that with Whiteboy gone, she will be safer; Toastee adds that Megan will be a lot easier to handle. Not that you'd want to handle her without gloves, a gas mask and a 12-foot pole. Meanwhile, Megan explains the inner workings of her "secret" alliance to Hoopz. She tells Hoopz to tell Real that Pumkin and Toastee are making the decision together, and they're targeting whoever they think is targeting them. She then hands Hoopz a note to give to Whiteboy that reads: "Do you like this show? Check yes or no. P.S. Why do I have no clothes?" Megan then scrums with Whiteboy, Real and Hoopz to convince them to apologize to Pumkin and Toastee for being bullies. Real agrees to apologize. In order to do this, Real has to don his sunglasses. He tells Pumkin that he is sorry he lost his temper and it was just all the pressure (from his too-tight pimp hatband) getting to him. In Pumkin's favor, she doesn't buy this conveniently timed apology at all. At least in the confessional. During the course of the show she hugs the pimp. She then goes to his room to hug it out with Whiteboy and Hoopz. Whiteboy promises that he will gladly pay her Tuesday for a hamburger today, and if she gets him through this elimination he'll have her back in the next one. Hoopz apologizes too and claims that although they were mad then, what's done is done. Toastee is next on the agenda. Whiteboy reaches out to Toastee by promising to protect her and showing that Hoopz and Pumkin have reached detente. I didn't realize that Pumkin and Hoopz had an ongoing dispute. I thought Pumkin was mostly scared of Whiteboy and Real for threatening to kill her and whatnot. I would say I should watch this show more closely, but ten out of ten mental health professionals disagree.

Proving that Megan isn't the only mildly retarded skantestant, 12 Pack tells her to vote him into The Box. She is shocked at his retardedness, but since you should never argue with someone with that much hair gel, she agrees to do it. Besides, with this little gift comes her chance to save Whiteboy. She just needs to convince Toastee to send 12 Pack home instead. When Craig comes in to announce it is time, everyone but Toastee shuffles into the Vault. As the loser, Whiteboy is automatically entered into the Box, but everyone must vote on who is to join him. First in The Box is The Entertainer. Almost interestingly, almost everybody voted for him. He must be extremely annoying. Joining him in The Box is mental defect 12 Pack. 12 Pack sort of justifies his move by explaining that he wants to stay close to Toastee so that Whiteboy can't get to her during the Power Outing. Okay, so maybe he's only mostly retarded. Meanwhile, wacky Megan is up to her wacky hijinks again. She beds down with Brandi to try and convince her that 12 Pack is the stronger player and they should send him home instead of Whiteboy. Her ploy is so transparent, Brandi barely bothers to roll her eyes.

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I Love Money




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