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Buttered Toastee

It's Elimination Time! What, so soon? And what are the kids wearing to be Eliminated these days? 12 Pack has stolen a suit from Morris Day. The Entertainer is wearing his Jersey best. And Whiteboy didn't bother dressing up at all. Craig introduces the dramatic elements for the evening: three of the strongest players are on the block, and deciding their fate is Toastee, who is not physically strong at all. Toastee scoffs at that. Actually, if I cared, I would scoff, too, because very few of the challenges require any sort of physical strength at all. But I don't actually care, so...meh. Craig asks Toastee who is going to be safe. She takes a moment and then hands The Entertainer his check after explaining that he is annoying, smokes too much and looks like a turkey. She thinks she can beat him. Toastee's makeup looks like it was done by a Kabuki beauty school dropout. It's really odd. Whiteboy and 12 Pack twinge in expectation while Craig talks about all the money at stake and the power that Toastee holds. Holy hockey, another commercial -- will this show never end? When we return, Craig repeats what he just said. Toastee announces that it isn't personal, just a game. Craig tells her to take her time. Toastee calls 12 Pack up. In the confessional, he tells us again that he felt confident in the Vault. He knows he has a strong alliance. Toastee tells him that even though he promised to have her back, he promises that to all the girls. In short, she doesn't trust him. She voids his check. How do the skanktestants feel about this Elimination? In short: Whiteboy, happy. Heather, not happy. Megan, happy. 12 Pack, not happy. Pumkin, happy. Me, happy. Show's over! Happy! Happy! Happy!

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