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It's Hard to Fly With Heavy Hands
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Two weeks in a row with no "previouslies"? Merry Christmas to me! We open on the nighttime streets of Metropolis, where Clark Kent is standing around, ogling the ring he's been waiting to give to Lois for weeks. He looks around, looks at his watch, looks around some more. Lois runs up behind him, apologizing for being late. "I was hung up on a phone call with the mayor, then Tess pushed my deadline but I know we said eight, so I'm--" "Right on time, for you," Clark finishes for her. Next time, try picking up a phone, lady. She makes a joke about Clark running any faster in her heels. He's modest about how much better she looks in them than he would, but I think he's selling himself short. All that super-zipping around has probably toned the hell out of his calves. He gets back around to why they're meeting: "What do you say we take your shoes and my sport coat and go get a nice dinner?" When she points out he's not wearing a sport coat (it looks like his regular navy blue jacket), he whooshes away then whooshes back a moment later, now wearing his natty dinner attire. "Show off!" Lois teases him. He steers her toward a fancy restaurant that Lois doesn't think they can get into without reservations. We get to see what she doesn't -- that a table has been reserved for them by the window. A haphazard scattering of Hershey's Kisses decorates the table. You couldn't spring for some Vosges or at least Godiva? Clark tries to get her inside, but Lois has noticed a sign posted nearby. The VRA has instituted a "mandatory curfew" from midnight to 7:00AM. No more getting to work early for you folks with a Puritan work ethic! Anyway, Lois thinks they wouldn't have enough time to eat even if they did get a table. She goes over and covers the sign with another that says "BELIEVE IN HEROES." The capital letters exhort you!

Clark tries to convince her one more time to go into the restaurant with him. She would prefer to just go home and "pretend for one night that the world hasn't gone totally crazy." "The government has taken a tougher stance," Clark says in a strangely enthusiastic way. He says they've been upgraded from vigilantes to terrorists. While Lois goes on about how awful the VRA is, Clark notices a man walking into the restaurant, holding a big bouquet of white roses. Lois takes Clark by the arm and leads him away from the restaurant, telling him she'd love to just snuggle up with him for the night. "Yeah, we should probably just go home," Clark agrees. "But wait a second!" He stops in his tracks. "I think I hear a situation that needs saving!" He zips away, leaving Lois staring at air. A moment later, the pay phone behind her rings. She answers it: "Did you save the day?" "I don't know yet," he says, then tells her to look up. She does so, just in time to see thousands of white rose petals drifting down from the sky. Did Clark... steal that guy's roses? As the petals continue to fall, Clark walks towards her. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He goes down on one knee and presents the ring to her. "Lois Lane, will you marry me?" Of course she will! He slides the ring onto her finger and they hug and kiss while sweet music plays. Somebody save the street sweepers who have to clean up all those flowers!

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