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It's Hard to Fly With Heavy Hands

After the commercials, he zips around to the other side of the building. Debris litters the ground, much of it still burning. Carter lies on the ground, wings wrapped around himself. "I have something for you," he says to Clark. He opens his wings with obvious pain and reveals a trembling Lois. Clark pulls her up into a hug. "He saved me," she tells him. She turns her attention to Carter, telling him she'll get him help. He's resigned to his fate, even joking that he's "an old pro at dying." Aw. Clark kneels beside him, wishing he'd been there to help him. "It can't always be you," Carter says. "This is all of our fight." He says he'll be with Shayera again. They clasp hands as Carter tells Clark to hold onto Lois: "Because there has to be a balance, Clark. We can't do what we have to do if there's an emptiness in our heart." He just wishes he could be there to help Clark fight the darkness. "But you have all the help you need," he says with his dying breath.

The heroes take their fallen comrade to Egypt. Everything is somber and slow. A lovely mystery song plays; my Google-fu has failed to find the artist. Stargirl leads the funeral procession through an ancient temple, holding Hawkman's mask and mace. The others, including Lois, carry Carter's body on a gauze-draped raft. Everyone wears their hero gear, and even Clark has put on his red leather jacket. There are stand-ins for Zatanna, Victor, Arthur and Bart, with shadows and hoods hiding their faces. They place Carter's body gently in a stone tomb, then lay his mask and mace on the cover. Nearby is Hawkgirl's sarcophagus, with her mask and weapon similarly laid out, waiting for her rebirth. Clark takes Lois's hand. Stargirl leans her head on Dinah's shoulder. Wisely, there are no clunky goodbyes in this scene -- no dialogue at all, actually. As the heroes bow their heads in a show of respect, Lois notices a glowing obelisk rising up out of the sand beside them. A brilliant light flares out, blotting everything from view. When the lights dim, all the heroes lie unconscious on the ground, strewn about like dolls. They're in completely different positions than they were a moment ago; important fact or directorial brain fart? Guess we have to tune in January 28 to find out.

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