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It's Hard to Fly With Heavy Hands

There's a line to get into the building when Lois shows up for work the next day. VRA agents are scanning people with hand-held metal detectors before allowing them inside. How is that supposed to stop vigilantes? The steel from which the Blur is made is metaphorical, not metallurgical. [Also, why have they established a checkpoint deep in the basement of a privately owned office building, whose value as a terrorist target is dubious and whose owner doesn't like them? - Zach] While Lois waits for her turn, she leaves a message on Oliver's voicemail. She's been dying to tell someone her big news, but no one is answering their phones. She signs off by saying the "gestapo" is on the other line, by which she means the VRA agent who's currently telling her to put her keys, coins and phone into a little tray while he scans her. "Oops, I forget to give you this," Lois says, showing him the ring on her finger. "I hope it doesn't set off any alarms." To her disappointment, he ignores her bid for attention.

As she walks into the office, there's a "threat advisory" sign posted on an interior door. It advises everyone of the high risk of terrorist attacks and the even higher chance of being groped by the TSA. Er, the VRA. Lois is too busy cheerfully admiring her ring to pay it much mind. When an office drone hands her a stack of mail, the first item she opens is an orange envelope. The card inside reads "Lois, They say you never know what fate as in store for us, but I say you can see some happy endings coming from a mile away." Lois flashes back to the day before she left for Africa. She finds Chloe in their apartment and asks her about her relationship with Oliver. She introduces the topic thusly: "You're busy with work and he's really busy with work, and then there's... well... all those other responsibilities." "As a rich playboy?" asks Chloe. Why are they both being so coy about his responsibilities? Does Lois not know that Chloe knows about Green Arrow? Does Chloe not know that Lois knows that she knows? God, it's so confusing trying to keep track of who knows what on this show. Anyway, all of that was Lois's way of asking how Chloe and Oliver make things work when things are so complicated. Chloe knows that's not really what Lois is asking about, so Lois asks instead about what happened between Clark and Lana. Chloe looks sad. Isn't she in the middle of planning her own faked death? Maybe she's sad that she has to talk about Clark and Lana for the millionth time. "She couldn't make the sacrifices he needed, could she?" Lois asks. "Let's just say Lana wasn't the one fated to be in Clark's life," Chloe says with a smile. That, and she turned into a walking, talking blob of vomit-inducing Kryptonite.

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