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It's Hard to Fly With Heavy Hands

...Lois and Clark, returning to the Kent farm the next morning. They're carting armloads of presents. Do you really get presents at an engagement party? And then also later at the wedding? I clearly need to rethink my anti-marriage stance. Apparently, the happy couple are just now getting in because they decided to watch the sun come up on the Daily Planet building's roof. That's one way to avoid the street curfew. They reminisce about the party and how nice it was not to have to hide anything from anyone for a while. Lois lets Clark know that she's fine with taking a back seat to his responsibilities as a hero when the need arises, but Clark says they'll handle the responsibilities together. "I promise we will," he says, giving her a smooch. "Then nothing can stop Mr. and Mrs. Kent," Lois says. She heads for the kitchen, thinks about it for a second, and wonders if she should keep her name or hyphenate. Take his alien name! That'll confuse everyone. She digs into some ice cream for breakfast, which earns her a silly look from Clark. "Hey, I signed up for a double life," she defends herself, "you signed up for news with ice cream." This is their clunky segue to Lois turning on the TV and seeing a news report about Oliver's attack on an "innocent man." Lois hands Clark his fugly red leather jacket: "Guess the honeymoon's officially over." You didn't even get married yet. What a dumb thing to say. Clark whooshes off while Lois watches her man with pride.

Tess is sitting at a café, frowning at a tabloid paper with the headline "Queen Without a Country" and a photo of Oliver in mid-scuffle. Cat pitter-pats up to Tess's table and hisses, "We should have run that photo, and we would have if you hadn't played judge, jury and executioner with my article!" "Not, executioner, editor," Tess reminds her. "Your facts weren't verified and your writing is juvenile." So fire her! From her job or out of a cannon -- take your pick! Cat all but stamps her feet and tells Tess she needs to "get with the majority agenda" before somebody notices. Cat flounces off, leaving Tess looking not especially worried until two VRA agents approach her table. Their uniforms are clearly meant to evoke Nazi officer attire, which is a cheap but quick way to evoke menace and conformity. One of the agents, a guy who's all smirky smiles, leads Tess away for questioning. At the same time, two other agents wordlessly approach Emil at Met Gen. Just as wordlessly, Emil seems to realize he's screwed. Meanwhile, a VRA SWAT team busts into the Kent house, machine guns at the ready. Finding no one home within five seconds, they move out. They're not very persistent, are they?

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