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It's Hard to Fly With Heavy Hands

Watchtower. Courtney tends to Oliver's wounds while Carter jabs at a computer. What nicely groomed hands he has for an archaeologist. Maybe having perpetually manicured hands is one of his powers. Clark whooshes in. "You gonna stitch that up yourself or call Emil?" he asks. His fugly jacket is nowhere in sight. Did he ditch it on the way? Clark is upset that Oliver didn't call him for help. Oliver says he wanted to give Clark and Lois some time together. They have their whole lives to be joined in the irrevocable bonds of holy bliss; the world going to crap is a little more immediately pressing. Carter tattles on him: "I told the human speed bag you'd want to know he got his bell rung." Heh. Courtney interrupts further manly teasing by turning up the volume on one of the TVs. Slade Wilson and his funky metal eyepatch are giving a press conference. "Like so many of you, I am a victim of a vigilante attack," he says. [Aside from last night, have we been shown a single testimonial from someone who's been "attacked"? Or are we meant to imagine this army of innocent bystanders and wronged criminals? - Z] "And while I'm lucky enough to have survived the explosion caused by Oliver Queen, it came at a terrible cost." He gestures at his grody eye. He incites the public to make the vigilantes pay for their crimes, which would kind of make them vigilantes, too. But fascists aren't really known for being enemies of hypocrisy. Clark turns off the TV. Black Canary has been watching the whole thing via video connection. "With Slade alive, we can't exist," she says. "He knows too much about us." Carter: "So until he's been dealt with, it's gotta be radio silence between us." Are they making plans to kill him? I'm personally not opposed, but I'm not a superhero. Clark says they have to go underground. They'll live like gophers, subsisting on roots and tubers. He shuts down Watchtower and closes the window's metal iris. Heroic music plays, but the plan sounds kinda half-baked.

Daily Planet. Lois looks over a "wanted" poster bearing photos or sketches of the super gang. Kara is among them, begging the question "where the hell is she?" Don't bring characters back if you're not going to use them, show. The Blur is represented only by one of his S-shields, which seems odd, considering Slade could have told them what he looks like. Lois stomps into the elevator. A female VRA agent is waiting there for her. She compliments Lois's engagement ring. "Now let's talk about the extraordinary man who won your heart," she says with a sneer. She leads Lois into a reception area upstairs where Tess, Emil and Cat are already waiting. Lois takes out her phone and starts to text something to Clark. While VRA agents are watching her. Dumb! Emil and Tess both surreptitiously let her know that the phones are bugged.

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