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It's Hard to Fly With Heavy Hands

The lady VRA agent, who we'll later learn is named Lieutenant Trotter, questions Emil in one of the Daily Planet's offices. Why there and not in some government place? Perhaps the VRA spent all its money on uniforms and couldn't afford an office of its own. She asks Emil about his "erratic hours" at the hospital. He hints that he's been working in clinics, helping the poor. But what of his rich benefactor, Oliver Queen? Emil starts to deny being involved with the so-called terrorist activities, but Trotter cuts to the chase: she's more interested in Oliver's friends. She wants their names, but Emil stays mum. Trotter questions Lois next, this time in Tess's office for some reason. She wonders if Clark is jealous of Lois's "close relationship" with the Blur. Lois says she never even speaks to the Blur, but Trotter points out that Lois's articles about the Blur have quotes. Maybe they text each other. "I want the Blur, Lois," Trotter says. "You're not leaving this room until I have Clark Kent." Lois doesn't say anything.

Slade's office. An Army officer leaves a classified file on top of Slade's desk and then leaves the room. Clark whooshes into the room and goes right to the file. A moment later, Carter comes in through another door. "So much for going off the grid," he says when he sees Clark. Somehow, this turns into Clark talking about how worried he is that he won't be able to have a relationship with Lois. Oliver sneaks into the room just in time to hear Clark giving voice to his romantic woes. "Don't tell me you're thinking about cancelling the wedding," he says, "because I gotta tell you, I started working on the speech, and it's looking good!" I have to give Justin Hartley props for trying to make the best of the clunky dialog he's given. Carter and Oliver chastise each other for even being there and not being able to follow the rules they set. Oliver brings up Slade's "mega mark of darkness" which Carter impatiently corrects to "omega." Anyway, Oliver thinks the darkness is driving everything: "Because I've seen hatred before and I've never seen anything like this." That seems... unlikely. Carter mentions the Spanish Inquisition and the Third Reich, which makes Clark realize the darkness has been there before. Right now I'm feeling a pretty good level of hatred for tying humanity's awfulness to some otherworldly force. Carter offers a glimmer of hope, saying that a "much brighter" force always arose to fight back the darkness. "And you had something to do with that?" Clark asks. Carter doesn't say anything, so Clark says they need to stop Slade. Carter doesn't think the authorities are going to be any help but Clark says he might have a place to put Slade. Stick him in a department store customer service counter the day after Christmas. That should just about do him in.

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