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The Ulong Goodbye

Previously on The Meek Shall Inherit...Never Mind: Janu was skinny and tired, and Steph was tough and determined, and Gregg reasonably concluded that it made more sense to get rid of the woman who didn't look like she was made of popsicle sticks. Jeff castigated the mean, mean castaways for giggling while Janu contemplated a night spent alone, and they pretended they were very, very sorry. But after Janu did a little barfing after the reward-challenge feast, she came to tribal council ready to go. Threw up her moxie, I suppose. A little "clarity" was introduced by Jeff Probst, leading Janu to conclude that it was better to go bravely into the arms of Coby than to spend another week turning into a bag of bones. She laid down her torch, and Stephenie lived to tan another day. Seven are left. Who will go next?

We return to Koror on Night 27, where a crab makes its way across the night-vision beach. The tribe returns to the picnic table to which it has become accustomed, and Ian mutters, "What the hell was that?" Steph explains to us that it was "a little uncomfortable" for her to return, knowing that they all wanted to vote her out and everything. Aside from how awkward that would naturally be, she still can't believe that the tribe would vote her out and keep someone who didn't want to be there. She tells this to the tribe as they're all standing around, and Tom counters with a claim that by the time it was all over, even if Janu hadn't quit, Steph wouldn't have been voted off -- they'd have dumped Janu. Gregg offers in an interview that this was pretty obviously not true, but was meant to calm Steph, which is pretty clearly true. Tom then tells the group that his immunity didn't matter, but that he thinks Steph earned immunity with her self-preservation speech, so he jokingly puts the necklace around her neck. Aw, she has Special Immunity! Everyone's a winner! Steph goes on to interview that, originally, there was a four-way alliance between herself, Ian, Tom, and Katie, but it's fairly evident that something is quite thoroughly amiss with that. She vows to "get to the bottom of it," whether she gets the boot at the next tribal council or not.

Later, Gregg mutters to Ian that he hopes Steph's sticking around won't come back and bite them, and Ian promises that they won't let it. Gregg interviews that he thinks they should have gotten rid of Steph first thing, back when they booted Coby, and that he really regrets that they didn't. I, personally, would like to thank the tribe for booting Coby, since it has increased my enjoyment of the last couple of weeks substantially. I breathe the Cobyless air, and I am refreshed.

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