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Previously: The men won a lot. Torrie wanted to cry because she kept being the most awesome on her team, but still losing. John was a tough leader. Sanjaya is a non-gay gay. Lou won immunity, guaranteeing himself a place in the final week. John gets to give someone immunity, and he gives it to himself without hesitation. Oh, and they made a slasher film, and you can watch the full version online. It's ten minutes long, but actually quite delightful. At least compared to this show. Tonight: More stuff happens. Opening credits.

Damien and Myleene greet us "live" from the "muggy and buggy Costa Rican rain forest." We can still vote for the celebrities we want to stay. Lou and John are immune. They send us back to John's live decision last night to save himself. Sanjaya says John had a hard decision, because you wouldn't want to choose someone and hurt other people's feelings. Janice says that if she were in his position, she wouldn't have chosen herself. But it's a game! You play for yourself, right? Everyone thought he'd choose Patti, including Patti. He says he would have chosen her out of everyone else, but he had to choose himself because he wants to win, and this is an individual sport. He calls it a "chess move." [ A chess move would require sacrifice or manipulation of others; this is just a Parcheesi move. - Zach] Damien and Myleene again, telling us again to vote. Numbers.

Back in the jungle, John's meditating on the camp leader's bed. He says sitting in the bed is wonderful. He's in charge, so he cooks, cleans up, washes the dishes. I'm not sure he's doing what he should do as a leader, because he should ask other people to do stuff for him. John and Patti get up first, and everyone else sleeps in. Sanjaya says it's hard to get up because there's nothing to do here. John wakes Janice up very quietly, saying, "Get your sexy ass up." She freaks out, saying he woke her up really roughly. Stephen melodramatically explains that Janice processes things differently than the rest of us. To say the least. Janice tells Stephen that she had a dream that a blonde who could have been Torrie wanted to do her hair, and then shaved up the back of her hair, so she ran and jumped into the river to be saved. She told Stephen that dream was all about going to the river to get saved. Uh-oh. I think I see where this is going. Stephen thinks going to the river to get saved is good.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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