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Fake Affairs and Fake Drama

Myleene and Damien head into camp "live," and everyone cheers. Damien reminds them and us what John did last night: He saved himself. He says he was going to take the whole 20 seconds to say hello to his family, but it would have just prolonged it, because he came here to win for his charity. He says you have to put yourself in the position to win. Damien respects it, and Myleene says he's determined. Then she says they're going to tell the campers how America's voting. Janice looks seriously worried (she pretends to be aloof, but she really does want to win this thing), as Myleene says it's extremely close. Damien says that last week, the bottom five were separated by less than 3 percent of the vote, and the bottom two were separated by less than 1 percent. Myleene says that, as of this morning, Janice is not in the top two. Janice asks what that means. Damien tells Patti, she wasn't in the bottom two. I'm with Janice: What does that mean? Um, nothing really. Everyone yells hello or to vote for them, or something else. Damien, outside of camp now, reminds us that it's close and we need to vote, blah, blah, blah. They give us the numbers again. See you tomorrow, when two "celebrities" will be eliminated, and then they'll speak to Damien and Myleene after the show (or during the show? I don't know; it's not clear, but really, what is with this show?).

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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