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Previously: Lou won immunity. John gave himself immunity. Janice thought he was selfish. John and Patti were in an alliance. The public vote was "revealed." Tonight: Teams will be shaken up. John and Janice fight more. Live double elimination. No one's ready to leave. "It's the most important vote yet." If by "important," they mean "doesn't matter at all," then I agree. Opening credits. Myleene and Damien welcome us to Day 18, and tell us that two campmates will be sent packing tonight. The phone lines are closed.

Back in camp, we flash back to last night's ridiculously overhyped "live" moment when Myleene and Damien told everyone the non-results of the vote so far: Janice was not in the top two and Patti was not in the bottom two. It meant nothing last night, and it still means nothing. Especially since we should know actual voting results in an hour. But they obviously need to fill time. Janice confessionals that she's disappointed not to be in the top two. Patti says it's good news for her that she's not in the bottom two, but she hopes it doesn't stop people from voting for her. John agrees with me that Janice not being in the top two and Patti not being in the top two doesn't tell them anything, but makes them keep on being crazy about everything. Sanjaya explains to Janice that it means she's in the bottom four, and Stephen helpfully offers, "You're in the middle." Sanjaya says it's hard not knowing where you stand. Stephen thinks Patti must be appealing to the everyday mom voter. Lou loves having immunity, but it bugs him not knowing where he'd fall in the vote; it doesn't bug John one bit.

Close-up creature shots. Then John's thoughtful in the morning. He says he slept really well last night because immunity helps you sleep since you don't have to worry every day about whether you'll make it. Everyone else is stressed. Lou says the competition is definitely on. John says he came to win, and he's not going out without swinging. Patti thinks the votes being so close makes it anyone's game. Stephen says he was completely wrong about Patti and Sanjaya, then says he thought Patti would be gone in a day. I'm not sure what Sanjaya has to do with any of that. [He thought Sanjaya was going to be gone quickly, too. To her credit, Janice thought otherwise. - Zach] While they're talking, Myleene and Damien come in to tell them they're no longer on men versus women teams; they're now individuals battling for themselves for everything: food, immunity and America's votes. They all get new green shirts. Torrie's excited that she can now only blame herself if she doesn't get to eat. Commercials.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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