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Damien and Myleene talk and I ignore it. Pizza arrives in camp. Lou, Sanjaya and Patti enjoy it, while everyone else eats vegetables with their rice and beans. Janice needs broccoli so she can poop. She thinks the vegetables are for her, because the doctor ordered them for her. John says if they're sent in a bag that says "Janice," he'll give them to her, but if they're in the basket, they're for everyone. She continues to push, but he apparently went into confessional and asked. She asks why John "deems fit" against a professional doctor who ordered Janice to eat greens. (I would like to interject to say that I don't think John is saying Janice can't eat any greens; just that everyone else can have some too.) He says it's for everyone. She says it was ordered for her: "Greens! For my ass!" He wants to give her some raw zucchini, but she doesn't want them raw. She lays in her bed and says, "Give me something to cook it with," but John says she can get up and do it herself. She gets up and he tells her she can be a prima donna somewhere else. He says he's not going to kiss her ass like everyone else does. In the confessional, she says John scares her and no one will stand up to him because they're all scared of him. At his bed later, John eats and tells Patti he's a proud black man, and "I bully bullies." Commercials.

A preview for the finale shows us that all of the past castoffs will be back for the finale, including SPEIDI. I'm the weecapper, get me out of here! Wait... aren't those the rules? I can leave now, right? KIDDING. I will stick it out. Back outside of camp with Damien and Myleene, who are about to head back into camp to reveal the other celebrity who is eliminated. It seems weird to do that with more than 15 minutes left in the episode, doesn't it? Something else must be coming up afterward. They head back in, and tell the celebrities to listen up. Damien reminds everyone that Lou, John, Sanjaya, and Torrie are safe, so Patti, Janice, or Stephen will be heading home. Myleene reminds Janice that they told her last night that she wasn't in the top two. Damien reminds Patti that they told her she wasn't in the bottom two. Myleene reminds Stephen they didn't tell him anything. Then Damien tells Stephen: "You... are safe." Janice high-fives him. The second celebrity to leave the jungle tonight is (long, long, dramatic pause)... Janice. Wow, really. People must not have liked her. It's totally all in the editing, though, right? She leaves without drama. Outside camp, Damien says they'll miss her because she's like the crazy aunt. He doesn't seem to be making fun of the celebrities, so I have to wonder if he really watches this show, because people have already said that. At least twice. Janice walks across the bridge, blowing everyone kisses. Inspirational music, but no montage.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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