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Hey! It's A Non-Elimination Episode!

Another two-hour episode begins with previouslies: Last week, John became the new camp leader. And he was awesome. He granted himself immunity, which pissed Janice off. Lou was immune, too, but he earned his (you could argue John did, too, since he won the leadership position). Everyone was suspicious of the Patti-John alliance. Except for me. I don't care. And then the celebrities went from being teams to playing as individuals. Then we had a double elimination: Holly and Janice. Coming up: Celebrities prove they're idiots by putting their head in a tank with tarantulas. Then they have a competition to see who will go home tonight. Torrie thinks she's the girl who's going to beat all these boys who think they're so tough. But America gets to decide, so it's anybody's guess. Opening credits.

Myleene and Damien walk through the "jungle" of Costa Rica "live." They tell us what happened last week, and that there are a lot of surprises in store for us tonight. And later, our votes will decide who faces off for elimination. Back at camp, we relive the eliminations from last week. Lou pontificates about how the eliminations weighed on everyone's minds, even those who were immune. Sanjaya says losing Holly was like a stab through the heart. Everyone tries to comfort him. John says Sanjaya's heartbreak is real. John's sad to lose Holly, too. Patti was relieved when Janice was sent home instead of her. Sanjaya knows that a lot of people are probably celebrating Janice leaving, but he's lost two friends tonight. John says it took everything for him not to jump up and hug Patti when they announced Janice, but he realized he was supposed to hug Janice. He says she's been like a thorn in his paw, and then walks around camp saying "Free at last." That's right: John Salley -- an African-American -- compares Janice Dickinson leaving the jungle to Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream that blacks would someday be treated equally. She's annoying, but still... might be a bit of a stretch.

Torrie says the consensus is "peace." Lou wants to listen to the silence, so Stephen says she wasn't that bad. John: "She wasn't that good, either." Torrie says the benefits for her of Janice being gone is that she doesn't have to listen to her hocking loogies anymore. Unfortunately, we as viewers cannot say the same because we now get a Janice loogie-hocking montage. Thanks for that, show. Now I will never have an appetite again. John thinks America made the right decision, and knew that only Patti and Torrie could compete with the men. Lou thinks the competition just got kicked up a level or two, and that it's anybody's game at this point. John has no more fear, and tells everyone to bring their game faces, because he's not afraid of any of them. Commercials.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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