I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

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Holly thinks John better win now. He talks about why they brought her back instead of "that other person." And as he does that, he pours the rest of Holly's chili drink into his glass and drinks it. He says it's his victory champagne. And he pours some of it on his head. Holly tells him he better win now. He says he better. He heads back to camp and says he came to win. He loves Holly, but if it's between "me and you losing, I'll take you losing." Holly leaves with no regrets. She knows everyone in camp will be a friend for life. Back in camp, Patti and Sanjaya talk about how their two best friends are competing, and only one will come back. Torrie says one of them will be really upset, and they're just hoping it will be the other one. Lou says he is sad no matter who leaves, but it's the first time they've been threatened with losing John. Patti's worried because Holly's fearless and John's a vegan. Yeah, well, not so much anymore, I think. Everyone sits around camp, restless, when John comes whistling back in. Lou greets him, and Patti's totally relieved. He tells them how close it was, and how good Holly was. They're all proud of Holly for fighting hard. Sanjaya will miss her, but the relationship isn't over.

Damien and Myleene are right outside of camp, and they tell us how we can vote. Then they send us back to camp to help us decide who to vote for. Everyone sits around the camp, talking. John says Patti's a competitor, and we flashback to Patti's moments, including eating the tarantula. Lou says in confessional that maybe the guys shouldn't have given her immunity the first week. John tells her he still wants to beat her. Sanjaya talks about how competitive John is, and how he likes to get in the other people's heads. Lou thinks John's his top competition. Torrie says Lou's a threat because he's a fit, physical man. John says Lou's the top competitor, but John will beat his ass on Wednesday. Lou's won every competition he's been in. Torrie says she's yet to see Lou break, but it has to happen. They talk about Torrie: She's strong, determined, hard-working. Her only fault, according to Lou, is that she knows he can beat her. She says these boys think they're tough, but she's going to win. They all thought Sanjaya would be a wimp, but he isn't. Lou says he's not playing the game, though; he's just being Sanjaya. Oh, and he'll eat anything. We get a flashback to that. They all say how badly they want to win. Commercials.

Damien and Myleene are just outside of camp. They're about to go into camp to reveal that two more celebrities will be eliminated tomorrow. They head in and tell the five that no one is going home tonight, but two of them will be leaving tomorrow, so only three will make it to the "grand final" on Wednesday. Damien tells them they're live to America right now, and he gives them one last opportunity to fight for their place in the final by standing up and letting America know why you deserve to be king or queen of the jungle. Sanjaya: He's outlasted everyone lying face down head first in a tank full of creepy crawlies, and drank a cow-intestine smoothie ("delicious, by the way"), and he went shopping on a tight rope. He thinks he's worked hard and deserves it because he's the baby.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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