I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

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Hey! It's A Non-Elimination Episode!

John says hi to his family, and then says he should be king because king means you have strength and he has that and has used that to help others, and he's been resourceful, so he deserves it. Patti says she's nearly drowned in a river, been bitten by a tick, had Janice strapped to her back, but she's earned the respect of her campmates. Good speech. Torrie goes all ditzy blonde, all "America! Please vote for me!" She's been giving 110 percent, and isn't going down without a fight. Lou gives much love to his family, and then tells America he loves us, he hopes we've had fun and he's tried to do his best for us, and treated everyone with respect and admiration. He impersonates Elvis and says that's why he deserves to be king, baby. Everyone laughs, and Damien reminds them two will go home tomorrow night. Everyone hollers at their families some more. Sanjaya jumps up and down like always. Outside camp, Damien and Myleene tell us goodbye and they'll see us tomorrow. Why, yes, you will. But only for TWO MORE DAYS!

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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