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Myleene and Damien are still in the rain forest. They recap. Myleene says when she was on the British version of this show, the final week was the hardest. Back at camp, Stephen says he's leaving in about five minutes. He thinks it makes sense to stay if you want to be here (or, you know, if you want to win money for your charity), but he's not in that place. He says he's pretty tough with a pretty joyful spirit, but that's really been beaten down here, so it's time to go. Everyone asks about 100 times if he's really leaving. Patti says she couldn't let her kids see her quit something like this, especially so close to the end. Everyone hugs him and says they love him, but then talks bad about him. He crosses the bridge, and appears to have no regrets about it. Whatever. Stephen's going to miss his friends, and he believes they'll understand. Cut immediately to John, next to the bridge, who says, "What a lame thing to do," as soon as Stephen's out of earshot. Yeah, yeah. But that was a lot of unnecessary melodrama.

Back in camp, they can't believe they've lost three people in 24 hours. They talk more crap about him leaving. John's pissed and thinks it tells you a lot about a person. Sanjaya even agrees. John says he "ain't trying to dog the cat," which means nothing to me. Torrie's family and friends wouldn't talk to her if she quit. They're all disappointed, okay? Did you get that? John thinks his chances to win just improved, though, so hey... bright side. Myleene and Damien transition to a scene about the weather. It's rainy and stormy. IN THE RAIN FOREST. Can you believe that?! Torrie says there was a lot of lightning, and they had to sit in the confessional together. They were so bored they made up a story. Apparently the main character (called "the chatterbox") had a lot of similarities to Janice. The chatterbox eats papaya, hoards everyone's things and food, and then sleeps. Then the chatterbox was silenced by a vote from America and was sent over the bridge, not to be heard from again. Man, they really must have been bored, because that was dumb. And now I'm bored. (Note to the show's producers: It is probably possible to show us the celebrities are bored without boring us, too. Work on that.) Commercials.

Damien and Myleene tell us that someone will win on Wednesday, and tonight someone will be eliminated. And then they'll open the phone lines so we can vote again. They remind us Stephen left. Back in camp, John reads a scroll that tells them that because Stephen left, someone else will have an opportunity to come back. Why?! There are way too many people to eliminate in the next three days. The former campers will come in and plead their cases, and then the celebrities will choose who gets to stay. They discuss how to decide who gets to come back; Torrie thinks it's not fair that they've all gotten to go eat and then get to come back and argue to come back. Patti thinks they should choose someone who isn't likely to win. John thinks it's fair and will raise their games.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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