I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

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Up first, Holly and Patti. Holly sticks her head in with the stick bugs, cockroaches, and giant beetle-looking things, but Patti's out. No cheeseburger and fries are worth it. Smart lady. (I cannot believe I just said that.) Holly keeps trying. She gets one star and then the other, then pulls her head out and shakes. Next up: John and Sanjaya. John says he can't go against jungle boy, and Sanjaya's like, "I hope it's not tarantulas." Damien likes Sanjaya giving John a taste of his own medicine. John says, "This is so stupid, this game!" Yes, it is, John. Don't do it. Even if you win this round, you only have a one in three chance. They reveal the boxes are full of spiders, and John says to Damien and Myleene, "You've gotta be out of your rabid-ass mind." I love him. Commercials. Including the Bruno trailer. I want to see it because I love the show, but the trailer does not make me laugh.

Myleene and Damien. Blah, blah, blah, repeating themselves. Back in the jungle. More repeating what just happened. John and Sanjaya both try, but Sanjaya gets it first. John says he had to face his fear, because his daughters can't see him not do something. You know, I think you could make an exception for something like this. Torrie and Lou are last. Torrie was nervous because Lou always wins. They have reptiles and snakes in theirs. And since there was a preview earlier in which Lou had tarantulas crawling all over his head, I think we know what happens. That's some really stupid previewing, show. Not that I'd expect anything else with this idiocy. And not that I'd be on the edge of my seat anyway. Torrie has a lizard on her face, which is nowhere near as scary as bugs or spiders. Lou gets his stars done first. Torrie's frustrated that he keeps winning.

Final round: Holly, Sanjaya and Lou face off for a cheeseburger. They have to stick their head in with tarantulas. Holly doesn't even start. Sanjaya gives up pretty quickly after Lou gets his first star, but Lou still has to get the second one through. It doesn't look easy and two tarantulas are crawling all over his face and head as he does it, but he manages to finish. Someone calls Lou a champion, and John says, "No, he's not a champion; he's a psycho. There's a difference." I'm totally with John. Lou says his daughters were inspiring him. Lou says his only fear was that his tongue might look appetizing to the tarantulas. Everyone tells us how much they want to win, but someone's leaving later. "For good." Forgive me for being skeptical. Commercials.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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