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Back with Myleene and Damien, who tell us they will eliminate people later, tomorrow's the finale, and all of the eliminated celebrities will be back for that. Back in the jungle, John reads a scroll. It's time for the next individual food trial, "Catch a Crawling Star." That's all they get and then they head across the bridge. Lou's wearing a cowboy hat and he says, "Let's go get 'em, buckaroo," to which someone (John, I think) responds, "A-har. Hardy." Lou: "No, that's a pirate." Yeah, I don't think that was anything, but it definitely wasn't a buckaroo. They find Damien and Myleene, who show them their food, which is gourmet salad and bread. Myleene explains the game: They will race across cables that are suspended across the river. Along the way, they'll collect flags. The first one across wins, but a dropped flag is a 15-second penalty. Two can go at a time, but it's an individual race.

Torrie and John are first As they're getting locked into to their cables, Torrie starts crying, apparently afraid of heights. John gives her a really awesome pep talk, telling her not to look down and that if she falls, he'll race down like Spider-Man (Spidey, not Speidi) and grab her. He tells her she can do anything. See, America? John is awesome. It seems to work, as they start sliding themselves along the cable. John stays about a flag ahead of Torrie and finishes before her, then encourages her the rest of the way. Sanjaya and Lou are next, and Sanjaya flies along the cable, probably because he weighs almost nothing. John yells for Sanjaya to drop one of them. Sanjaya says the hardest part was the exhaustion. Lou is starting to get closer, but Sanjaya wins pretty handily (though by less than a flag). Sanjaya says it was totally exhausting, and the first thing he thought afterward was that he needs beans and rice. Now.

Patti races against herself. She seems to be flying at first, but then slows way up and then falls under the cable and drops two flags. She keeps going and makes it to the final flag. She says she had to dig down deep to finish. Myleene and Damien line the celebrities up to reveal the results. With her penalties, Patti's time was 5:14. He tells her it's "very impressive." But I don't think he means it. Sanjaya finished in 1:58. Torrie finished in 2:50. Lou finished in 2:20. John's time was 2:10. So, Sanjaya and John both get to eat the gourmet salad tonight. Commercials.

Back with just Myleene, who tells us once again that it's Day 23. She says Damien's heading into camp to reveal tonight's first elimination. Oh, and we can vote later. But she says no matter who wins, they are all winners. I would have said "losers," actually, but whatever. Back in camp, Lou reads a scroll that it's time for them to give each other awards. There are 13 awards lined up, one for each celebrity who spent time in the jungle. They all have to decide which award each person will get. They start with the people who are still in the jungle. John nominates himself as "best chef." Everyone quickly agrees. John accepts it on behalf of his mom, who taught him how to cook. John nominates Patti for the "I'm a Celebrity NOW" award. She accepts it graciously but says in confessional she would have rather been "best swimmer" or "quietest." She then stops talking for a long pause. I would say she did it for effect, but I don't think she's that smart.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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