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Myleene, who looks so fashionable in a cute red dress and a headband, by the way, is waiting for Sanjaya to come out and talk live. He shows up and she congratulates him on 23 days in the jungle. He's disappointed, but happy he made it to the top five, and he's ready to watch his fellow campmates compete in the finale. He tells Myleene he's learned a lot, but the main thing is it doesn't matter how old you are or who you are if you put your mind to something. Myleene tells him that out of 12 trials, he won nine. He's sort of amazed to find that out, but he says it was all about his mind, and it was in it to win it. She says he's being very humble. Then she wants to talk to him about love. With Holly. She asks if they can look forward to something happening outside. He says she's his best friend in camp, but he doesn't know. Myleene shows Sanjaya (and us) a Sanjolly flashback, including them in the river together and her saying he's attracted to her. He looks shy and smiley.

She also tells him he has won legions of fans, but especially his campmates and shows him a montage of people telling him how much they love him (I'm thinking they must have recorded these for everyone?). Torrie tells him he's a sweet light in this camp and he always entertained her. Patti enjoyed Sanjaya's singing and thinks he was a joy to be around. John says he was a pleasure to have in camp, and he wants him to "sing, sing, sing, because that is your passion." He tells him he loves him a lot. Lou calls Sanjaya "my son," and says he's happy to know him at 19, on the doorstep of manhood. He thinks Sanjaya has an open mind and heart. Myleene asks who Sanjaya wants to win, but he's crying too hard to choose. Myleene holds his hands and asks "everybody" to cheer for him, so they do. The crew, apparently. In a little while, Myleene says, Damien will eliminate one of the camp's BFFs, Patti and John. Commercials.

Damien's outside camp, about to head back in to reveal who else is eliminated. He goes back in, reminds Torrie and Lou they're safe, and Patti and John that one of them is leaving tonight. He says "going home tonight," but I doubt that, since the finale's tomorrow and they'll be there. The next to leave is... Patti. She shakes her head yes and says, "Good." I think she actually means it. She hugs everyone and tells Torrie to kill these guys. Damien gets all dramatic outside of camp about Torrie, John and Lou being our finalists. He says it's time for Patti to leave, and talks nice about her. Inspirational music as she crosses the bridge. John tells her to "Start writing," so they must have talked about a memoir or something. [Or being pen-pals? - Zach] We flash back to her talking about her life, and in confessional, she says she will take hopefulness from this experience. John says meeting her was wonderful. Torrie also says she's become an incredible friend to her. Patti didn't expect to feel so welcomed and encouraged. Lou thinks they won her trust. John says she's a kindred soul. She says she found more strength within herself here. Myleene tells us the phone lines are open again, so we can vote for our winner. Live shots of them as she tells us, and John's jumping around, excited to have made it, I think. Commercials.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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