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Why Were They Playing, Again?

Damien tells Janice she's looking beautiful (though she really is not; she is looking heavily coated in makeup, which is not the same). She crazily says, "Oh my God, what got into you?! You totally called me a psychopath before!" My husband: "Because she is." Damien says she was sick when she arrived, and then she got better, but that's not to say it was smooth. He flashes back to a crazy Janice montage, which starts with Sanjaya saying she kept "putting straws on a camel's back, and at one point... she's just going to break it." Granola bar thief, then indignant about it. Lou tries to talk to her. She cries about everything. Back with the other celebrities, she giggles and blames the immunizations for getting her sick. Damien asks Daniel what he thinks, and Daniel's thinking "JFK." Everyone gets it, but Damien quickly moves on from it. If anyone knows what that is about, please fill me in, because I didn't get it at all. Instead of explaining, Damien and Myleene send us back to camp, in the past.

They're in the jungle clearing, at night, and they're all playing for their favorite food for their final meal in the jungle. Myleene says this is their very own "Jungle Spa," since they've been here for so long. There are six stations, and they will visit two each. Each one contains two stars. The more you collect, the more food you eat. First up is the "Scare Wash," which is for Torrie. She lays her head in one of those hair-washing sinks, and has to get stars out of it as cockroaches come out of a hose onto her head. She is shaking as the tub fills up. She gets the second one as cockroaches are crawling on her face, right on her goggles. She says they're biting her, too. She is very brave. She gets up and has cockroaches all over her hair. John wants her to stay over there until she gets them out, but she says she'll bring one to him. We get a final shot of the sink, which also has giant caterpillars or larvae of some type in it.

John's turn to do the "Frightening Facial." Damien says the facial is a fruit facial. He says it's the cheese fruit, also known as "vomit fruit." They open a bin of gross, foamy looking something. John has to find the stars with his mouth. John asks if this is legal in America, and Damien says that's why they're in Costa Rica. Ha. Good answer. Anyway, I would live in a vat of vomit fruit before letting a single cockroach crawl on me, so I think this task is sort of not fair. It does look gross, though. John gets them all. He rubs the fruit into his face, like it's a real facial. He says it's the worst spa he's ever been to in his life, and Lou says it looks like he just came from a frat party.

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!




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